Race Creator

A guide and walkthrough for creating races in GTA 5.

Race Creator

The first step in creating a race is selecting one of three variations:

  • Land Race
  • Sea Race
  • Air Race

Race Details

When creating a race, you will need to provide the following details:

  • Title – Maximum of 25 characters
  • Description – Maximum of 250 characters
  • Photo – This will appear when launching the creation and on the Rockstar Games Social Club website
  • Maximum Players – 2-16
  • Race Type – Standard, Rally, or GTA
  • Route Type – Laps or Point-to-Point
  • Number of Laps – For laps, set the number from 2 to 99
  • Starting Grid Size – Depending on vehicle class, set to small, medium, or large
  • Available Vehicles – Choose which vehicle classes will be available to choose from during the race
  • Default Class – Set which vehicle class will appear as default
  • Default Vehicle – Set which vehicle will appear as default (can be switched in the Lobby before the game starts)
  • Time of Day – Current, Morning, Noon, or Night
  • Weather – Current, Clear, or Rainy
  • Traffic – Choose whether civil cars may move around the race route or not
  • Wanted Level – Choose whether or not the police can pursue players who break the law
  • Background Music – Action or Pursuit
  • Lobby Radio – Set the radio station that is playing in the Lobby


When creating a race, you will also need to consider:

  • Place Trigger – Mark the location on the map where players will gather to join the game
  • Lobby Camera – Must be placed close to the Starting Point. The area you select will be visible for everyone in the Lobby
  • Checkpoints – Set checkpoints which stand for the race route
  • Weapons – In GTA mode, place weapons on the race route
  • Props – Enrich the route with such elements as ramps, dumpsters, barriers, etc.
  • Stunt Jumps – Allow Stunt Jumps on the race route
  • Toggle Radar – Switch the zoom level of the Radar
  • Delete Options – Delete selected elements or clear the entire map

Radio – Choose a radio station you want to listen to during the creation process

After creating your race, you need to test it. Click the test option, and a race will start.

After testing, you can make final changes. If everything is working as planned, you have two options:

Save – You can invite other players to your game, but your creation will not be available in Rockstar Games Social Club.

Publish – Your game goes to the website, and others can check it out. The best creations get \”Rockstar verified.\”

After publishing a game, you can edit it at any time by choosing Load Content in the creator menu.


What is a Race Creator?

A Race Creator is a tool that allows you to create your own custom race in various tabletop role-playing games. This tool allows you to choose attributes, skills, and abilities for your race, as well as defining their appearance and cultural traits. By using a Race Creator, you can add more diversity and depth to your game world, allowing players to create characters that are truly unique.

Why should I use a Race Creator?

Using a Race Creator can add a lot of variety to your game world. By allowing players to create their own unique races, you can introduce new cultures and perspectives to your game, making it more interesting and engaging. Additionally, by using a Race Creator, you can ensure that the races in your game world are balanced and fair, avoiding any major imbalances that could make the game less enjoyable for players.

How do I use a Race Creator?

Using a Race Creator is easy. Simply select the game system that you are using, and follow the instructions provided. Generally, you will be asked to choose attributes, skills, and abilities for your race, as well as defining their appearance and cultural traits. Once you have finished creating your race, you can use it in your game just like any other race.

Are there any downsides to using a Race Creator?

One potential downside to using a Race Creator is that it can be time-consuming to create a new race. Additionally, if you are not careful, you could accidentally create a race that is overpowered or unbalanced in some way. However, as long as you take your time and use the tool responsibly, these downsides can be avoided.

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