Poppy Playtime: Train Walkthrough

This Poppy Playtime walkthrough provides a guide on how to get on the train and complete the game after defeating Mommy Long Legs and escaping from the monsters.

This guide covers the 7th part of chapter 2 and provides a step-by-step walkthrough on how to reach the train and start it.

  • Way to the train
  • Starting the train

Way to the Train

After defeating Mommy Long Legs, a passage to the next part of the room will open. Follow the path to reach the main hall where the train is waiting.

Move the metal platforms forward until you see a familiar room below you. Jump over the railing to get on the train.

Put your green hand in the right place to open the train door.

Starting the Train

To start the train, arrange the enemy icons, colors, and numbers in the correct order. The opponents\’ heads should be shown in the order visible in the screen above.

The colors should be in the following order: red, yellow, red, blue.

Click the icons in the correct order: 2, 3, 1, and 4.

Pull the lever to start the train. When the red light goes on, use the lever to stop the train and end chapter 2 of Poppy Playtime.


What is Poppy Playtime: Train?

Poppy Playtime: Train is a horror game where players have to navigate through a haunted train and solve puzzles to uncover the mystery of the Poppy Playtime toy company. The game features a spooky atmosphere, eerie sound effects, and jump scares. Players must use their wits and hide from the terrifying animatronic characters that roam the train. The game is designed for players who enjoy a good scare and are looking for a challenge.

How do I complete the game?

To complete Poppy Playtime: Train, players must solve puzzles and avoid getting caught by the animatronic characters. The game is divided into several chapters, and each chapter has its own set of puzzles. Players must use their observation skills and think outside the box to progress through each chapter. Additionally, players must also hide from the animatronic characters to avoid getting caught. The game is challenging, but with patience and perseverance, players can complete it.

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