Phokis Map in AC Odyssey: Discover Tombs, Ostracons, Documents, and Secrets

Get ready to explore the Phokis region in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey with this guide and walkthrough!

This page offers a detailed map of the Phokis region, which is the third region you\’ll visit during the main storyline. Compared to the previous two regions, Phokis is larger and features several locations that are worth visiting. The map marks locations such as vantage points, tombs, ancient tablets, and ainigmata ostraka.

  • General information about Phokis region
  • Tombs
  • Ainigmata ostraka
  • Ancient tablets
  • Romances

General Information about Phokis Region

  1. The best way to get to Phokis is from Megaris, which was described in the previous page. Travel straight to Boeotia, which is located near Phokis. However, it\’s recommended for high-level characters, so Phokis is the ideal region for characters with level 5-9. Beware of wild animals, especially the Kalydonian Boar, which is part of the Daughters of Artemis quests, and stronger enemies if your character\’s level is lower than 13.
  2. Two significant locations in Phokis are Kirrha village and the Temple of Apollo. Kirrha village has a blacksmith, a bulletin board, and a unique merchant named Oikos of the Olympians. The merchant sells various goods and loot boxes related to a unique resource called orichalcum, which can be purchased with real money or received as a reward for completing daily quests, requiring a connection with the game\’s servers. The Temple of Apollo plays a vital role in one of the main quests that requires you to meet the Oracle, and you can start new side quests near that temple. Later in the game, you will visit the Cultists of Kosmos\’ hideout located beneath the temple.
  3. When all the quests in Phokis are complete, head to Malis, which you can reach on foot or horseback.


There is only one tomb in Phokis region: the Tomb of the First Pythia, located west of the Temple of Apollo.

Ainigmata Ostraka

Two ainigmata ostraka can be found in Phokis region:

  1. Prometheus and the Birth of Humankind, and
  2. Sanctuary of Athena Pronaia.

Ancient Tablets

Phokis has four locations with ancient tablets in ruins scattered throughout the region.


Phokis offers three romance opportunities:

The first romance option is Auxesia. You can find her near the Temple of Apollo, and she gives you a short side quest.

  1. Click here for more information about Auxesia\’s romance.

The second romance option is Lykaon, a doctor who is related to a few side quests. You must complete them, and at the end of the last quest, you must act appropriately towards the former Oracle and not kill her.

  1. Click here for more information about Lykaon\’s romance.

The third romance option is Daphnae, one of the Daughters of Artemis. She gives you quests to hunt legendary animals, and you must deliver their trophies to unlock the option to start a romance with her.

  1. Additional information on the love story of Daphnae.


What are the tombs in Phokis Map?

Tombs in Phokis Map are ancient burial sites that contain treasure chests with valuable loot such as weapons, armor, and resources. These tombs are usually guarded by enemies and traps, making them challenging to explore. Some of the tombs are part of the main story quests, while others are hidden and require exploration to discover. Successfully completing a tomb will reward the player with experience points and valuable loot.

What are the ostracons in Phokis Map?

Ostracons in Phokis Map are ancient inscribed shards of pottery that contain riddles or puzzles. These ostracons are usually hidden throughout the map and require exploration to find. Once found, the player must solve the riddle or puzzle to reveal a location where a treasure chest can be found. The rewards for successfully solving an ostracon puzzle can be valuable loot such as weapons, armor, and resources.

What are the documents in Phokis Map?

Documents in Phokis Map are written records that contain information about the history and lore of the game world. These documents can be found scattered throughout the map and can provide valuable insight into the game\’s story and characters. Some of the documents are part of the main story quests, while others are hidden and require exploration to discover. Collecting and reading documents can also reward the player with experience points.

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