Phasmophobia: Does Speech Recognition Work?

A Guide to Phasmophobia with Tips

In this section of the Phasmophobia guide, you will discover if the game accurately recognizes your voice commands through the microphone, and what specific voice commands you can use to communicate with ghosts.

Phasmophobia is a game where you attempt to investigate a specific building to identify the type of ghost haunting it, either alone or in a group. You must collect evidence using different objects, and some evidence can be obtained through voice interaction with ghosts. It is interesting to note that even if your microphone is in push-to-talk mode and not in use, anything you say can be heard by the ghosts and could trigger a reaction.

If you encounter difficulties with setting up the microphone and/or speech recognition in Phasmophobia, a solution can be found on a separate page of this guide: Microphone does not work – how to fix it?

  • Communicating with Ghosts – How?
  • Using Spirit Box – Asking Questions
  • Using Ouija Board – Asking Questions
  • General Questions
  • Watch Out for These Words
  • Ghost Names – Worth Mentioning?
  • Hunting Phase – Can Ghost Hear Me?

Communicating with Ghosts – How?

There are three ways to communicate with ghosts in Phasmophobia, two of which require additional items:

  1. Spirit Box: a specialized device that can capture radio frequencies to communicate with ghosts and ask them questions. You can get an answer if you ask the question correctly;
  2. Ouija Board: an item that cannot be purchased but can be found at random locations on the map. It allows you to communicate with ghosts, but at the cost of your sanity;
  3. Voice Chat: ghosts can also respond to specific questions spoken by the player into the microphone.

Using Spirit Box – Asking Questions

To communicate with ghosts using a spirit box, select the item from your inventory, turn it on, and get within 3 meters of the ghost. Then, use local voice chat (default V on the keyboard) or global voice chat (default B on the keyboard) and ask the question slowly and clearly.

This spirit is certainly not one of the most pleasant

You can ask many questions or say specific sentences to the spirits using the spirit box, and some examples can be found below.

Communication with Ghosts

If you want to communicate with a ghost in the game, you need to find an Ouija board first. These boards appear randomly on the map, and when you find one, you can use it to ask the ghost questions. To do this, press LPM, and then use the microphone to speak. If the ghost responds, it will spell out its answer, but your character will lose some sanity. There is also a chance that the ghost will become angry, and the player will lose up to 40% of their sanity.

Here are some examples of questions you can ask:

  1. Can you speak to us/me?
  2. Do you want to hurt us/me?
  3. Where are you?
  4. Are you male or female?
  5. Do you want us/me to leave?
  6. Can we speak?
  7. Are you the only one here?
  8. Do you want to show us/me your presence?
  9. Are there any other ghosts here?

Questions for Ouija Board

When using the Ouija board, you can ask the ghost many questions or say certain sentences to get a response. Here are some examples:

  1. Who did you kill?
  2. What is your victim?
  3. Are you old or young?
  4. How long have you been here?
  5. When did you die?
  6. How many ghosts are in here?
  7. What is your favorite room?

General Tips for Communication

If you want to make contact with a ghost in the game, you need to speak clearly and slowly into the microphone. Here are some phrases you can use to get the ghost to be more active:

  1. What is your identity?
  2. Are you present in this place?
  3. Communicate with us.
  4. What do you desire?
  5. Why have you come here?
  6. Are you enraged?
  7. Can we be of assistance?
  8. Do you have a friendly disposition?
  9. Are you furious?
  10. Can you reveal yourself?
  11. Show us a sign / Show me a sign.
  12. Make your presence known.
  13. Is it possible for you to speak?
  14. Is anyone here?
  15. Are you male?
  16. Are you female?
  17. What is your age?
  18. Are you a child?
  19. What is your gender?
  20. Are you a lady?
  21. Are you a gentleman?

Be cautious of certain words

While playing Phasmophobia, it\’s crucial to watch what you say when you\’re not using voice chat. The ghosts can detect specific words that indicate fear, and after hearing them, they willingly become more active.

  1. Terror;
  2. Fright;
  3. Scare;
  4. Panic;
  5. Fearful;
  6. Haunting;
  7. Conceal;
  8. Escape.

Ghost names – To say or not to say?

The ghosts in Phasmophobia have names, and if you wish, you can address them by their actual name. However, it\’s essential to note that uttering the ghost\’s name aloud usually agitates them, so it\’s better not to use it unless necessary.

Hunting phase – Can the ghost hear me?

Considering that ghosts can hear everything, it\’s best not to use voice chat or speak into the microphone during the hunting phase. If the ghost is on the player\’s trail, it becomes much simpler for it to capture and eliminate them. Find a closet or a hiding spot, shut the door behind you, face the wall, and stay quiet until the threat subsides.


1. Does Phasmophobia\’s speech recognition actually work?

Yes, Phasmophobia\’s speech recognition feature does work. It allows players to communicate with each other in-game without having to type messages, which can be time-consuming and dangerous when trying to avoid ghosts. The speech recognition feature is also able to detect a wide range of accents and dialects, making it accessible to players around the world.

2. Are there any issues with Phasmophobia\’s speech recognition?

While the speech recognition feature in Phasmophobia does work, there have been some reports of it not working as well as it should. Some players have reported that the feature can be slow to respond or can misinterpret what they are saying. Additionally, players with heavy accents or speech impediments may experience difficulty with the feature. However, the developers are constantly working to improve the speech recognition feature and address any issues that players may encounter.

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