Obtaining Resources in Metro Exodus

A Guide and Walkthrough for Metro Exodus

The survival aspect of Metro Exodus has been significantly expanded, with the protagonist collecting raw materials that can be used to create new equipment, improve ammunition, or even fully reconstruct existing weapons. Raw materials are crucial in the game, and this guide will show you how to acquire them effectively.

You can obtain raw materials in Metro Exodus by exploring, searching visited locations, and dismantling weapons. It\’s a simple process – just press a button when you approach an item in the game world, and the search icon will appear. You\’ll then see how many crafting items you\’ve collected on the right side of the screen. There are only two crafting elements in the game, which are represented by a vial and a monkey wrench icon.

It\’s advisable to explore every room and collect as much as possible, as materials are used for creating ammunition, filters, first-aid kits, and improving equipment.


1. What are the main resources in Metro Exodus?

In Metro Exodus, there are three main resources: ammunition, crafting materials, and chemicals. Ammunition is used for weapons, crafting materials are used to create new items, and chemicals are used for crafting and upgrading equipment.

2. How can I obtain resources in Metro Exodus?

There are several ways to obtain resources in Metro Exodus. You can scavenge for them in the environment, loot dead enemies, trade with other characters in the game, complete missions and side quests, and upgrade your equipment to increase resource yields.

3. What are some tips for efficiently obtaining resources in Metro Exodus?

One tip for efficiently obtaining resources in Metro Exodus is to scavenge for them in areas that have a high concentration of loot. Another tip is to focus on completing missions and side quests, as they often reward the player with valuable resources. Additionally, trading with other characters in the game can be a good way to obtain resources that are difficult to find or craft.

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