Now or Never Quest Walkthrough for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This guide is dedicated to the walkthrough of the Now or Never quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Although it is a side quest, it is significant for your further journey. The quest begins in Novigrad and revolves around Triss Merigold. The following solution will guide you on the consequences of ignoring the quest, the ways to save Anisse and Berthold, how to navigate through the canals safely, defeating the vampire, and how to start a permanent romance with Triss.

  • Beginning or Ignoring the Quest – A Significant Decision
  • Saving Anisse and Berthold
  • Cleaning the Sewers

Beginning or Ignoring the Quest – A Significant Decision

Help Triss or Let Her Give Up the Necklace

This quest can impact the game\’s ending, and your decision will determine the fate of mages in Novigrad. However, both endings are unfavorable. Completing the task will help the mages escape, but hostility against non-humans will increase. Ignoring the task will lead to the capture and killing of mages during the slaughter in Novigrad.

The quest initiates after completing the main quest Get Junior. A passerby will give you a letter from Triss after your conversation with King Radovid. After reading it, go to Triss\’s house. During the conversation, you can decide whether Triss should give the necklace to the house owners. Stand by her side to let it happen. After the conversation, three Witch Hunters will attack you as you leave the building.

Saving Anisse and Berthold

Quickly Kill the Hunters before they Attack the Sorcerers

Triss will inform you about two people who have not reached the designated meeting point. You can decide whether you want to save them or not. If yes, follow Triss to the designated house.

Act fast inside the house, or the Hunters can kill the pair you are saving. Use the Aard sign as soon as you enter the first floor. While walking down, you can talk to the building owners, but it won\’t make a difference. Follow Triss to the inn. If you decided to help the two people, the inn owner will die, and you will have to take care of three more Hunters in the inn.

Cleaning the Sewers

Passage to the Library

Your task is to clean the sewers. Triss must follow you; otherwise, you won\’t be able to open the closed door. Apply Necrophage oil on your sword as Muckixer (level 14-15) will be your main opponents in the sewers. Walk down the stairs and turn left at the nearest turn. Destroy the wall on the right side and take the Disglair sword from the chest.

Then destroy the wall in the screenshot above to make a passage to the library where you can collect some books. Destroy another wall and keep going through the sewers until you reach the exit.

Encounter with a Katakan in the Sewers

Before leaving the area, players will have to face a dangerous vampire called Katakan on level 14. Once they reach the port, they will face their final battle with the Witch Hunters. Fortunately, players will have some assistance, making it relatively easy to win.

After the battle, players will have a crucial moment with Triss. They can tell her that they love her, which will impact the ending of the game. However, they must decide quickly, as hesitation will be seen as a refusal.

For further information on romances and love scenes, check out the dedicated page in our guide.

Lastly, players will receive a proposal from Dijkstra, which will trigger the optional quest called \”A Deadly Plot.\” Completing this quest involves killing King Radovid, and will also impact the game\’s ending.


1. What is Now or Never quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

Now or Never is a main quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. It is given to Geralt by Triss Merigold. The quest takes place in Novigrad and involves helping Triss rescue mages who are being hunted by the witch hunters. Geralt must navigate through the city and talk to various characters to gather information and locate the mages. The quest culminates in a battle with the witch hunters and a final decision that will impact the fate of Triss and the mages.

2. How do I start the Now or Never quest?

To start the Now or Never quest, you must have completed the A Matter of Life and Death quest and have a romantic relationship with Triss Merigold. After completing A Matter of Life and Death, Triss will ask to meet with you at the docks in Novigrad. Once you meet with her, the Now or Never quest will begin.

3. What are the consequences of the choices I make in Now or Never quest?

The choices you make in the Now or Never quest will impact the fate of Triss and the mages. Depending on your decisions, Triss may leave Novigrad with the mages, stay in Novigrad, or be captured by the witch hunters. If she leaves with the mages, she will not be available for future quests. Additionally, your choices may impact the fate of other characters in Novigrad, such as Dijkstra and Radovid. It is important to carefully consider your decisions and their consequences before making a choice.

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