New Quirks in Darkest Dungeons The Color of Madness DLC

If you\’re a fan of Darkest Dungeon, you\’ll be pleased to hear that The Color of Madness DLC brings in a lot of new features. One of these is the introduction of unique Quirks that can be obtained by fighting the wandering boss, Thing from the Stars. This DLC was inspired by one of the updates for the original game, the battle with Shrieker.

Quirks Obtained from Fighting Thing from the Stars

Similar to the Shrieker battle, fighting Thing from the Stars allows you to acquire exceptional Quirks. These are:



Prismatic Isolation

+25% resistance to Debuff

Prismatic Purity

+25% resistance to Blight

Prismatic Solidity

+25% resistance to Stun

Prismatic Coagulation

+25% resistance to Bleed

Prismatic Calm

-30% to received Stress

Prismatic Force

+15% dealt damage

Prismatic Speed

+3 Speed

Prismatic Precision

+4% chance for Critical Hit

Prismatic Eye

+8 Accuracy

It\’s worth noting that each Quirk can only be acquired once per party. So, if someone in your party already has a specific Quirk, no other hero can obtain it.


1. What are the new quirks introduced in Darkest Dungeon The Color of Madness?

The Color of Madness DLC has introduced several new quirks to the game. Some of them include \”Crystalline,\” which boosts a hero\’s resistance to debuffs and stress when fighting against the crystalline enemies, \”Paranoid,\” which increases a hero\’s stress when they are not in the front position, and \”Cautious,\” which reduces a hero\’s chance of being surprised but also reduces their chance to surprise enemies.

2. How do these new quirks affect gameplay?

The new quirks can have a significant impact on gameplay, as they can alter a hero\’s abilities and stats in both positive and negative ways. For example, the \”Crystalline\” quirk can make a hero much more effective in battles against crystalline enemies, while the \”Paranoid\” quirk can make them more susceptible to stress and require more careful party positioning. The \”Cautious\” quirk can make a hero more reliable in avoiding enemy surprises, but also less effective in initiating them.

3. Are these new quirks balanced with the existing ones?

It is difficult to say whether the new quirks are balanced with the existing ones, as they all have different effects and can be situational in their usefulness. However, the developers have stated that they carefully balance each quirk to ensure that they add to the game\’s strategic depth without making any one hero or trait overpowered.

4. How can I manage my heroes\’ quirks effectively?

Managing your heroes\’ quirks effectively is a key part of playing Darkest Dungeon. There are several ways to do this, such as using the Sanitarium to remove negative quirks or locking in positive ones. Additionally, you can use trinkets and party compositions to mitigate the effects of certain quirks and maximize the benefits of others. It is also important to keep an eye on your heroes\’ stress levels, as high stress can cause new quirks to develop or existing ones to worsen.

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