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A Guide to Fighting the Necromancer in Darkest Dungeon

The Necromancer is a powerful sorcerer who specializes in raising the dead. All of his attacks are AoE, meaning they will target either two or all members of your party. With each skill he uses, the Necromancer will summon up to three undead minions in front of him. The most dangerous move he has is Six Feet Under, which doesn\’t deal much damage but greatly increases stress levels for everyone in your party. It\’s important to start the fight with low stress levels.

Recommended party formation: Vestal/Occultist, Highwayman, Bounty Hunter/Leper, Crusader



Six Feet Under

Affects the entire party, dealing low physical damage but high stress damage.

The Clawing Dead

Deals moderate damage to the last two heroes and may inflict negative effects.

The Flesh is Willing

Deals moderate damage to the first two heroes and has a high chance to critical hit.

It\’s important to have at least two specific classes in your party: the Crusader and the Bounty Hunter/Occultist. The Crusader is a great tank and deals extra damage to undead enemies (which you\’ll be facing a lot of). The latter classes are important for their abilities to pull enemies towards you, which will help bring the Necromancer to the front where you can attack him directly. Have the Crusader handle the minions while the rest of the party focuses on the Necromancer. Keep everyone\’s health levels high, as The Flesh is Willing has a high chance of dealing critical damage that can wipe out your party quickly.


What is a Necromancer in gaming?

A Necromancer is a type of character class in gaming that specializes in the dark arts of death and raising the dead. They are often depicted as villains or antagonists in video games, using their powers to control hordes of undead minions to do their bidding. In some games, Necromancers can also use their abilities to heal themselves and their allies, making them formidable opponents.

What are some popular video games with Necromancer characters?

Some popular video games with Necromancer characters include Diablo II, World of Warcraft, Guild Wars 2, and The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. In Diablo II, the Necromancer is a playable character class that can summon skeletons, cast curses, and even revive fallen enemies to fight for him. In World of Warcraft, Necromancers are enemies that players must defeat in certain quests and dungeons. In Guild Wars 2, Necromancers are a playable character class that can summon minions, drain life force, and use wells to damage enemies. In The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim, Necromancers can be found in certain locations and can raise the dead to fight for them.

What are some common traits of Necromancer bosses in video games?

Some common traits of Necromancer bosses in video games include the ability to summon and control hordes of undead minions, the ability to cast powerful curses and spells, and the ability to drain life force from their enemies. Necromancer bosses are often depicted as being very powerful and difficult to defeat, requiring players to use strategy and teamwork to take them down. They may also have weaknesses to certain types of attacks or weapons, making it important for players to choose their equipment carefully.

What strategies can players use to defeat Necromancer bosses in video games?

Some strategies that players can use to defeat Necromancer bosses in video games include focusing on destroying the Necromancer\’s minions first, using weapons or spells that are effective against undead enemies, and using crowd control abilities to keep the Necromancer from summoning too many minions at once. Players may also need to use healing abilities or items to keep themselves and their allies alive during the fight. It is important for players to communicate and coordinate their attacks, as well as to be prepared to adapt their strategy if the Necromancer uses unexpected tactics or abilities.

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