My Time at Sandrock: The Breach

A walkthrough guide for My Time at Sandrock

The Breach is a location where you can find important materials, items, and raw materials. On this page, we will explain how to get there, what you can find, and the dangers that await you there.

This page provides information about The Breach, a location where you can explore to find various items and ingredients. We will explain where to find the ruins, how to prepare for the expedition, and the enemies you will face.

  • Where is The Breach?
  • Preparing for the expedition
  • Navigating The Breach
  • Ruins Tokens and Rewards

Where is The Breach?

The Breach is located in the western part of the city, right next to Civil Corps. You will first visit The Breach during the Moisture Farm Blues main quest. Later, you can visit the ruins whenever you want.

Preparing for the expedition

Exploring The Breach is different from exploring the Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins. Before heading to this location, there are several aspects to keep in mind:

  1. Make room in your inventory – you\’ll find lots of useful stuff in The Breach, so it\’s a good idea to have free slots in your backpack. Before heading out, leave any unnecessary items and materials in chests.
  2. Bring your favorite weapon – there are plenty of mechanical enemies lurking in the ruins, so don\’t forget to take the weapon you specialize in.
  3. Bring the Pickhammer – it\’s useful for destroying opened treasure chests in order to obtain Old Parts.
  4. Make sure to bring a few hundred Gols – in each level, you will be able to buy health-restoring medicines, which can come in handy after battling enemies.

Navigating The Breach

Before entering The Breach, you will have to choose which section of the ruins you want to enter. In order to unlock subsequent areas, you\’ll need to complete the previous ones.

On the left side of the ruins screen, you\’ll find information about the levels you can access, how much it costs to enter, and how much time you\’ll spend in-game on a single expedition. There\’s a one-time cost of both time and Stamina – during the expedition itself, the clock will be paused and your actions won\’t consume Stamina points.

You\’ll find information about your character\’s recommended level next to the description of each level. If you follow these recommendations, The Breach will be easy.

Each level consists of three layers, the last of which is small and involves defeating a miniboss. The locations are corridor-based and you can preview their layout on the map at any time. Red dots signal the location of enemies, so you can always prepare for a potential battle. The opponents mostly consist of old robots that don\’t pose much of a threat, especially if your character\’s level matches the area\’s recommendations.

You\’ll come across treasure chests from time to time. These consist of two types:

In the ruins, there are two types of treasure boxes – Blue and Gold. The Blue boxes contain basic materials while the Gold boxes contain accessories, materials, or Relic parts. At the start of each layer, there is a Vending Machine where you can buy health-restoring medicine for 100 Gols. You can also use your earned Ruins Tokens to buy various clothes and accessories from the machine. After entering The Breach, a countdown timer starts, and the faster you complete the ruins, the better your rank and rewards, including Ruins Tokens. You can use these tokens in The Breach or in the Civil Corps. The rewards you get are based on your level and rank, ranging from Techno Calendar, Engine, Metal Coil, Condenser, and Ruins Tokens to Desert Defender Shirt, Camera Piece 2, Desert Defender Pants, Camera Piece 1, and Desert Defender Cape, Camera Piece 3.


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