My Time at Sandrock: Gift of the Bright Sun – step-by-step guide

A guide to completing the Gift of the Bright Sun mission in My Time at Sandrock

In Sandrock, the Day of the Bright Sun is a highly anticipated festival that takes place during spring. This guide will help you complete the main mission, Gift of the Bright Sun, in which you must provide a gift that will be used as a prize during the event.

Additionally, this guide covers the side mission Gift of the Bright Sun, which involves joining in the festival and delivering a gift for a good cause. The task is short but has a strict time limit.

Time limit: 1 day (18th day of spring)

Reward: 600 EXP, 100 Gols, 20 Festival Badges

  • Starting the mission
  • Preparing the gift

Starting the mission

The mission will begin automatically on the 18th day of spring, just before the Day of the Bright Sun event. Check your mailbox for a letter from Matilda, which will give you more information about the festival. To participate, you will need to provide a gift that will be used as a reward in the holiday lottery.

Preparing the gift

You will need to prepare a suitable gift. It can be almost anything – materials, clothing, furniture, accessories, or even entire structures. However, it is important to avoid giving unwanted items, such as food scraps, textile scraps, manure, ruined glass, ruined paper, abandoned dolls, dregs, snake saliva, and lizard teeth.

Once you have the gift, head to the Blue Moon Saloon and speak with Matilda, who is fundraising for the festival. Select the Gift option and deliver your prepared item. This will complete the mission.


1. What is My Time at Sandrock: Gift of the Bright Sun?

My Time at Sandrock: Gift of the Bright Sun is a simulation role-playing game where players take on the role of a builder in the post-apocalyptic world of Sandrock. The game is set in a desert wasteland where players must gather resources, build structures, and complete quests to progress through the game. Players must also manage their energy levels and build relationships with the other characters in the game.

2. How do I progress through the game?

To progress through the game, players must complete quests and gather resources. Quests can be obtained from the other characters in the game, and completing them will reward the player with items and resources. Resources such as wood, stone, and metal can be gathered by chopping trees, mining rocks, and scavenging abandoned buildings. Players can then use these resources to build structures and upgrade their tools.

3. How do I manage my energy levels?

Managing energy levels is crucial in My Time at Sandrock: Gift of the Bright Sun. Players can restore their energy by eating food or sleeping in a bed. Food can be obtained by fishing, hunting, or purchasing it from the local store. Sleeping in a bed will restore the player\’s energy to full, but it will also advance the game to the next day.

4. How do I build relationships with other characters in the game?

Building relationships with other characters in the game is important as it can unlock new quests and rewards. Players can build relationships by giving gifts, completing quests, and talking to the other characters. Each character has their own preferences for gifts, so it\’s important to pay attention to what they like. The player can also increase their relationship level by completing tasks for the character and engaging in conversations with them.

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