My Experience at Sandrock: Golden Goose Game Center

A comprehensive guide to the Golden Goose Game Center in My Time at Sandrock

In My Time at Sandrock, players can relax and have fun at the Golden Goose Game Center. This center offers three mini-games and special prizes that players can earn in their free time between building structures.

This page contains information about the mini-games available at the Golden Goose Game Center, including the rules of each game and how to exchange Tokens for special prizes at the store.

  • Where is the Golden Goose Game Center located?
  • How can players earn Tokens and what can they spend them on?
  • How can players play Whack-a-mole?
  • How can players play the Adventure Game?
  • How can players play Space Pilferers?

Where is the Game Center?

The Golden Goose Game Center is located in the northeast part of town, near the Museum. Players can easily get there by using the Yakmel Station. The bus stop is located right next to the building.

How can players earn Tokens and what can they spend them on?

Tokens are earned by playing mini-games at the Golden Goose Game Center. Players can spend their Tokens at the Game Center Shop, which is located inside the building.

Here is a list of available prizes:

  1. Cooking Master (book) – 30 Tokens
  2. Journey to the East (book) – 10 Tokens
  3. Growing Guide (book) – 20 Tokens
  4. Retro Fan (furniture) – 80 Tokens
  5. Old Sofa (furniture) – 300 Tokens
  6. Cowprint Sofa (furniture) – 30 Tokens
  7. Four Leaf Clover Necklace (accessory) – 1600 Tokens

How can players play Whack-a-mole?

To play Whack-a-mole, players need to approach the hammers located next to the building and pay 40 Gols to play.

The game consists of three rounds, each lasting 30 seconds. Players must score at least 70 points in each round, regardless of the selected difficulty level. The more points they earn, the more Tokens they receive as rewards.

The game involves hitting critters that pop out of the holes with a hammer. There are several types of moles in the game, each with different point values and additional effects:

  1. Regular mole – 5 points
  2. Mole with a stone – 0 points. Hitting these moles will stun the player\’s character for 2 seconds.
  3. Mole with a watch – 5 points. Hitting these moles will pause the timer for 4 seconds, during which no moles appear or disappear.
  4. Mole with a helmet – 10 points. Players need to hit these moles twice to defeat them.
  5. Mole with mugs – 5 points. Hitting these moles will earn players 5 bonus Tokens at the end of the round.

Players can use a special attack when the ability indicator in the lower left corner of the game screen fills up completely. This attack makes the player\’s character spin quickly and hit the moles. Regardless of their type, the critters will hide in the holes after one hit.

How can players play the Adventure Game?

To play the Adventure Game, players need to use the machine located inside the Golden Goose Game Center, to the right. Starting the game is free, but players will spend Gols while playing.

Moving around different locations and fighting enemies is the main objective of the game. The route you take is visible above your character. During battles, you need to predict the moves your character will make, as they happen randomly and you have no control over them. You can place bets at the bottom of the screen, and each bet costs 5 Gols. If you guess correctly, you can earn the Gols displayed above the icon. You can bet on the same action multiple times or even on different actions simultaneously.

There are six possible action types in the game. These include Attack, Defense, Strong Attack, Strong Shield, Scolding, and Healing. Attack deals one point of damage to the opponent, Defense gains a shield that negates one point of damage in the next round, Strong Attack deals two points of damage to the opponent, Strong Shield gains a shield that negates two points of damage in the next round, Scolding makes the opponent unable to make a move in the next round, and Healing helps the character recover health points.

The game ends when your character\’s health points drop to zero. However, you can revive them by paying 100 Gols. If you choose not to revive, the game will tally up the Tokens you\’ve earned during the adventure and award you bonus Tokens for the locations you have passed.

To play Space Pilferers, you need to use the machine located inside the Golden Goose Game Center closest to the door. The objective of the game is to control the claw and grab as many bags as possible. The more bags you collect, the more points you\’ll earn. The game displays information such as the number of points earned, launch strength and distance, and remaining game time.

To control the claw, hold down the left mouse button to determine its strength. Release the button to launch the claw and grab the bags. If you hold the button down for too long, the indicator will drop, and the claw will lose power. The more points you collect, the more Tokens you\’ll receive as a reward.

The game lasts for a minute, during which you need to grab as many bags as possible. During the final 20 seconds, Frenzy Mode kicks in, and the rails holding the bags speed up considerably, making it harder to grab them.


What is My Time at Sandrock?

My Time at Sandrock is a life simulation game set in a post-apocalyptic world where you play as a builder running a workshop in the town of Sandrock. You can farm, mine, fish, and even build relationships with the townsfolk. The game is focused on exploration and crafting, and there are various quests and events to keep you engaged. You can upgrade your workshop, customize your character, and even ride horses. The game is currently in early access and is being developed by Pathea Games.

What sets My Time at Sandrock apart from other life simulation games?

My Time at Sandrock offers a unique post-apocalyptic setting that adds a fresh twist to the life simulation genre. The game also has a strong emphasis on exploration and crafting, with a vast world to explore and many resources to gather. The game\’s quest system is also well-designed, offering a good mix of main quests and side quests that are both engaging and rewarding. Lastly, the game\’s art style and music create a charming and immersive atmosphere that\’s a joy to experience.

What are some tips for playing My Time at Sandrock?

One tip for playing My Time at Sandrock is to focus on upgrading your workshop as soon as possible. This will give you access to more crafting recipes and allow you to create higher-quality items. Another tip is to prioritize building relationships with the townsfolk, as this will unlock more quests and events. Finally, don\’t be afraid to experiment with different farming and mining techniques to find the most efficient way to gather resources.

What can we expect from future updates to My Time at Sandrock?

Future updates to My Time at Sandrock will likely add more content to the game, including new areas to explore, characters to interact with, and items to craft. The developers have also stated that they plan to improve the game\’s AI system and add more depth to the relationships between characters. Additionally, the game\’s multiplayer mode is currently in development, which will allow players to collaborate and explore the world together. Overall, there\’s plenty to look forward to in the future of My Time at Sandrock.

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