MultiVersus: Perk Training

A guide to MultiVersus and tips on how to unlock and purchase perks.

By playing a specific character, you can gain bonuses, but you\’ll only get unique perks for that particular hero. This page will show you how to unlock training bonuses and what benefits they can offer.

Every character in the game can obtain unique perks that passively strengthen both you and your ally, but unfortunately, they are dedicated to that specific hero. By training perks, you can purchase individual passive boosts with the in-game currency you earn.

  • Unlocking Perks
  • Purchasing Perks

Unlocking Perks

To unlock the train perks option, you need to reach hero maestria level 9 by playing matches with AI and real players. Once you\’ve achieved level 9, go to the collection and select the character, then choose the \”train perks\” option.

Purchasing Perks

Once you\’re in the training tab, a menu will appear on the screen with all the perks sorted into offensive, defensive, and utility categories. The hero\’s personal perks that you\’ve already unlocked or will soon unlock are displayed on the left.

In the middle, you\’ll find perks that you\’ve unlocked for other heroes. Since you\’ve earned them from another playable character, you\’ll receive a discount when purchasing that perk for another hero. They cost 100 coins.

On the right, you\’ll see perks that you haven\’t unlocked for any of your heroes yet. They differ in price, with the perks on the right costing 150 coins each.

After purchasing the perks, confirm the transaction, and they will be added to the character you started the training with.


What is MultiVersus?

MultiVersus is a multiplayer fighting game that allows players to battle with their favorite characters from pop culture. The game features a unique perk system that allows players to customize their characters with various abilities and power-ups. Perks can be unlocked through gameplay or purchased with in-game currency.

What is perk training in MultiVersus?

Perk training is a feature in MultiVersus that allows players to level up their perks and make them more powerful. By using a perk in battle, players can earn experience points towards that perk\’s level. As a perk levels up, it gains new abilities and becomes more effective in battle. Perk training is a great way to customize your character and make them even stronger.

How do I choose which perks to train in MultiVersus?

Choosing which perks to train in MultiVersus depends on your playstyle and the characters you enjoy playing as. Each character has their own set of perks, so it\’s important to experiment and find which ones work best for you. Some perks may focus on increasing your character\’s speed or defense, while others may enhance your attacks or provide unique abilities. It\’s up to you to decide which perks you want to focus on and level up.

Can I reset my perk training in MultiVersus?

Yes, you can reset your perk training in MultiVersus. This allows you to redistribute the perk points you\’ve earned and try out different perk combinations. However, resetting your perk training will cost in-game currency, so make sure you\’re certain about your decision before doing so. It\’s important to experiment with different perks and find the ones that work best for you, but be mindful of the cost of resetting your perk training.

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