Metro Exodus Walkthrough: Kirills Hideout and Medicine Expedition

Get ready for an exciting adventure in Metro Exodus with this guide and walkthrough. You will stumble across a young boy named Kirill who will lead you to his hiding place in the underground. Follow Miller and Kirill to the hideout, but be prepared to fight off mutants along the way.

Once you reach the hideout, ask Kirill about his father and the situation in the city. Take the powerful railgun from the room and replenish your supplies at the workshop. As the final stages of the game approach, it\’s important to be fully prepared.

Your mission now is to find medicine for Anna. This won\’t be easy, as you\’ll need to venture into the deepest parts of the metro. Fight off mutants as you make your way through the old scaffoldings, using the compass arrow to guide you.

Eventually, you\’ll come across a bright room overrun with mutants. Defeat the enemies and turn the knob to proceed. Keep your wits about you as you continue on this thrilling expedition.


What is Kirill\’s hiding place in Metro Exodus?

Kirill\’s hiding place is a hidden room in the Taiga level of Metro Exodus. It is located in the bandit camp near the frozen lake. To access the hiding place, you need to find a key that is hidden in a nearby cave. Once you have the key, you can open the door to the room and find Kirill inside. Kirill will give you a map that shows the location of the bunker that contains the medicine you need for Anna.

How do you complete the expedition for medicine in Metro Exodus?

To complete the expedition for medicine in Metro Exodus, you need to travel to the bunker that Kirill\’s map shows you. The bunker is located in the Caspian level of the game. Once you reach the bunker, you need to find a way inside and navigate through the dangerous environment to find the medicine. There are many enemies and obstacles in your way, so be prepared for a challenging journey. Once you have the medicine, you need to bring it back to Anna in the Aurora.

What are some tips for completing the expedition for medicine in Metro Exodus?

Here are some tips for completing the expedition for medicine in Metro Exodus:

  • Bring plenty of ammunition and supplies, as the journey is long and dangerous.
  • Use stealth to avoid attracting too many enemies at once.
  • Take your time and explore the area thoroughly to find hidden items and shortcuts.
  • Be prepared for unexpected events, such as sandstorms or enemy ambushes.
  • Save frequently, as death can be punishing in Metro Exodus.

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