Metro Exodus: Walkthrough for the Camp Firefight

Guide and walkthrough for Metro Exodus

Damir and Artyom are returning to the camp, but the enemy has planned a counterattack. In this section of our Metro Exodus guide, we\’ll go through the firefight in the camp.

The enemy will come at you with a large army. Find cover and get your weapon ready. Your teammates will help, but most of the work will be up to you. Don\’t charge in (unless you\’re playing on an easier difficulty level) – Artyom will die quickly.

Move from one shipwreck to another, closing the distance between you and the enemies. When you spot someone, lean out from cover, fire, and then quickly hide. This strategy will help you survive the battle. You can also use grenades, but they are tricky to handle.

The biggest challenge is the well-armored bandit with the heavy machine gun. Shoot him when he stops firing his weapon. Once all the bandits are dead, return to your comrades and speak with them. Head to the nearby cabin to restock – it\’s time to face the Baron.


1. What is Metro Exodus: Firefight in the camp?

Metro Exodus: Firefight in the camp is a DLC for the popular first-person shooter game, Metro Exodus. It features a new level where the player must engage in a heated battle against enemy forces in a camp. The DLC also introduces new weapons, enemies, and challenges that players must overcome to progress through the level.

2. How do I access the Firefight in the camp DLC?

To access the Firefight in the camp DLC, you must first purchase it from the game\’s official store or from the platform you are playing on. Once purchased, the DLC will be available for download and installation. You can then start the game and select the DLC from the main menu to begin playing.

3. What are some tips for beating the Firefight in the camp level?

One useful tip for beating the Firefight in the camp level is to take your time and plan your attacks carefully. Try to eliminate enemies from a distance using long-range weapons like sniper rifles or assault rifles. You can also use stealth to sneak up on enemies and take them out silently. Additionally, be sure to take cover and use the environment to your advantage to avoid getting hit by enemy fire.

4. Is Firefight in the camp worth buying?

If you are a fan of Metro Exodus and enjoy challenging first-person shooter gameplay, then Firefight in the camp is definitely worth buying. The DLC adds a new level with unique challenges and enemies, as well as new weapons and upgrades to enhance your gameplay experience. Overall, it is a great addition to the game that offers hours of exciting gameplay.

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