Metro Exodus: Understanding the Morality System and In-Game Choices

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The universe of Metro Exodus is filled with dangers, rival factions, and lethal monsters. In order to survive, players are required to make difficult choices that can impact the lives of others. This section of our Metro Exodus guide delves into the morality system and in-game choices.

How do the morality system and choices work in Metro Exodus?

To begin with, every major location (the Volga, the Caspian Sea, and Taiga) has its own morality system. Players must make moral decisions here, which usually pertain to killing/stunning adversaries. Depending on the decision you make, you will have a different ending for that chapter. Stunning enemies and completing side quests will lead to a good ending, where one of your comrades may survive.

The game\’s ending also depends on how many companions have survived until the end. Additionally, some conversations or cut-scenes may be impacted by the death of a specific character. Surviving until the end can result in your friends celebrating together.

During fights, some enemies may surrender. Killing them will lead to a \”bad\” ending, while stunning them will bring you closer to the \”good\” ending.

To sum up: Moral choices have a direct impact on your allies and can lead to different endings.


1. What is the morality system in Metro Exodus?

The morality system in Metro Exodus is a feature that tracks the player\’s choices and actions throughout the game. It is represented by a spider web-like diagram that shows the player\’s progress in different moral categories, such as empathy, brutality, and self-preservation. The system is designed to reflect the consequences of the player\’s decisions and the impact they have on the game world.

2. How do the choices affect the gameplay in Metro Exodus?

The choices the player makes in Metro Exodus can have a significant impact on the game\’s story and ending. Depending on the player\’s actions, they can influence the behavior of NPCs, the availability of certain missions, and even the fate of some characters. The game also has multiple endings, which can be unlocked based on the player\’s decisions and the morality system\’s progress.

3. Are there any consequences for being too moral or too immoral in Metro Exodus?

Yes, there are consequences for being too moral or too immoral in Metro Exodus. If the player is too moral, they may miss out on some opportunities to gain resources or complete certain missions, as these may require more ruthless actions. On the other hand, if the player is too immoral, they may face the wrath of other characters or factions and find themselves in difficult situations. The game encourages the player to find a balance between these extremes.

4. Can the morality system be reset in Metro Exodus?

No, the morality system in Metro Exodus cannot be reset. Once the player makes a choice or performs an action, it is recorded in the system and cannot be undone. However, the game has multiple save slots, so the player can always start a new game or load a previous save to try different choices and actions.

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