Metro Exodus The Two Colonels: Guide to Obtaining the Map

A walkthrough for Metro Exodus Two Colonels, detailing how to obtain the map and avoid blind monsters.

This section of the guide provides instructions on how to obtain the map and avoid encountering blind monsters in Metro Exodus Two Colonels.

Begin by watching the cut-scenes and descending with the flamethrower. While the path forward is linear, the inscription on the wall warns players to avoid making noise. Navigate through the next passages and proceed to the room with vehicles. Move under one of the vehicles if necessary and pay attention to the arrows if experiencing navigation issues.

After progressing further, reach the power switch and activate it to summon mutants. Use the flamethrower to burn them, as their numbers may be overwhelming. Descend to the bottom of the facility and fight the next wave of monsters.

Continue through the corridors, fighting mutants and moving forward. Eventually, players will be attacked by a librarian, a blind gorilla. This battle occurs in smoke, so injure the monster and then fight the other monsters in the smoke. Use the flamethrower to attack the gorilla and avoid its attacks.

The monster will eventually throw players down. Move through the ventilation shaft until reaching another room and watch the cut-scene where the map is obtained. Proceed slowly towards the corridor with the flashing light, being careful to avoid librarians who patrol the area. Stay calm and avoid making noise, as librarians react to sound.

Head towards the light and reach the door. Complete the short sequence and watch the ending.


What is \”Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels\”?

\”Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels\” is a downloadable expansion pack for the popular first-person shooter game, \”Metro Exodus.\” The DLC follows the story of Colonel Khlebnikov, a character who played a crucial role in the game\’s main campaign. Players take control of Colonel Miller, who is on a mission to find Khlebnikov\’s map and save his son from the mutant-infested tunnels beneath the city.

What is the walkthrough for \”Going after the map\” mission in \”Metro Exodus: The Two Colonels\”?

In the \”Going after the map\” mission, players must navigate through the tunnels beneath the city to find Khlebnikov\’s map. The mission is divided into several phases, each with its own set of challenges and enemies. Players must use their weapons and stealth skills to overcome obstacles such as locked doors, traps, and mutants. The mission culminates in a boss battle against a giant mutant creature known as the \”Water Tsar.\” The key to success in this mission is to stay alert, conserve resources, and use the environment to your advantage.

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