Metro Exodus Sams Story: Finding Harmonica Melodies for the Music Lover Trophy

This guide for Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story explains how to locate all nine harmonica melodies in the game and earn the Music Lover trophy/achievement.

  • First Melody
  • Second Melody
  • Third Melody
  • Fourth Melody
  • Fifth Melody
  • Sixth Melody
  • Seventh Melody
  • Eighth Melody
  • Ninth Melody

First Melody

Find the first melody in an abandoned building near the grand piano while on the boat.

Second Melody

The second melody is in a closed room. Climb the footbridge and enter the room to find the melody hanging on a board.

Third Melody

Unlock the blue door to discover the third melody.

Fourth Melody

In the Captain\’s apartment, locate the fourth melody near the destroyed wall and grand piano while setting traps.

Fifth Melody

Find the fifth melody in the ruins of a house by the crafting table.

Sixth Melody

Inside a building, open the blue door to reveal the sixth melody hanging on the wall.

Seventh Melody

Climb up the wooden ladder to access the building. Disarm the traps and find the seventh melody attached to the wall in one of the rooms.

Eighth Melody

Take the boat to reach the building and find the eighth melody at the top of the door leading to the toilet.

Ninth Melody

The last melody is attached to the green train car.


1. What is the Music Lover trophy in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story?

The Music Lover trophy is an achievement in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story DLC that requires players to find and play all five harmonica melodies scattered throughout the DLC. The harmonicas are hidden in various locations throughout the map, and each one plays a different tune when picked up and played. Once all five melodies have been played, the Music Lover trophy will be unlocked.

2. Are there any secrets associated with the Music Lover trophy in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story?

Yes, there is a secret associated with the Music Lover trophy in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story. Upon playing all five harmonica melodies, players will unlock a hidden room in the map, which contains a unique weapon and a note that reveals some backstory about one of the characters in the DLC. The weapon is a silenced revolver, which can be very useful in stealth situations.

3. How can I make sure I don\’t miss any harmonica melodies in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story?

To make sure you don\’t miss any harmonica melodies in Metro Exodus Sam\’s Story, it\’s a good idea to explore the map thoroughly and keep an eye out for hidden areas and objects. Some of the harmonicas are well hidden and require some searching to find. It\’s also a good idea to listen for the sound of a harmonica playing, as this can often indicate that one is nearby. If you\’re having trouble finding a particular harmonica, there are many guides and walkthroughs available online that can help you locate it.

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