Metro Exodus: How to Prevent Injury to Alyosha in Taiga?

This guide for Metro Exodus will help you save Alyosha\’s life in Taiga.

During the Taiga chapter, Alyosha will be your companion. However, he will get separated from Artyom, leaving you to face numerous enemies. In this part of our Metro Exodus guide, we will provide you with tips on how to ensure that Alyosha doesn\’t get injured.

How to Ensure Alyosha\’s Safety in Metro Exodus?

Alyosha\’s safety depends on your behaviour towards the locals. To prevent injury, avoid killing enemies. Instead, sneak around and stun them. Moving through settlements at night is also a good idea. Most of the enemies carry crossbows, so you\’ll have enough time to stun them before they can attack. If you come across prisoners, always rescue them. This will allow Olga to appear at the end of the chapter, and she will let you and Alyosha go peacefully. Additionally, you\’ll unlock the Alyosha trophy.

However, if you fail to follow these guidelines, Alyosha will end up in a wheelchair.


1. What is the situation with Alyosha in Metro Exodus?

In Metro Exodus, players are tasked with leading a group of survivors through the post-apocalyptic wasteland. One of these survivors is Alyosha, a former scout who is injured early on in the game. If players are unable to save him, Alyosha will succumb to his injuries and die, which can have negative consequences for the rest of the game.

2. How can players save Alyosha\’s life?

To save Alyosha, players must complete a series of tasks that will lead them to a doctor who can treat his injuries. These tasks involve gathering supplies, repairing a radio, and fighting off enemies. Once players reach the doctor, they must make a series of choices that will determine whether or not Alyosha receives the treatment he needs. Making the right choices will ensure that Alyosha survives and continues to be a valuable member of the player\’s group.

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