Metro Exodus: Guide to Stealing a Boat and Visiting the Admiral

This is a guide for Metro Exodus, focusing on how to steal a boat in Taiga and visit the Admiral.

  • Offensive Approach to Stealing a Boat
  • Stealth Approach to Stealing a Boat
  • Visiting the Admiral

After leaving Olga\’s tower, follow the path and go down the ladder to reach the pirates\’ hideout. You can either kill them all or steal the boat without being noticed. Your choice will affect the ending of the chapter. To have a happy ending for Alyosha, choose the stealth approach.

Offensive Approach to Stealing a Boat

There are only a few enemies here, so they should not be a threat. Use accurate shots to kill them and then go to the lever to open the gate. Get inside the boat after going down.

Stealth Approach to Stealing a Boat

Eliminate enemies without being noticed by using covers. Running around will instantly alert them and raise the alarm. The most challenging part is reaching the lever. Reach the upper floor first and keep stunning enemies who have their backs turned towards you.

After using the lever, quietly move towards the bottom floor and make your way to the boat. If you stunned most of the enemies, you will not encounter any on your way.

Visiting the Admiral

Swim forward and come across statues, then reach the shore and move forward. A monster appears, but the Admiral warns against using firearms. Shoot the creature, though, as he is bluffing.

Enter the old warehouse and use the fuse box. It turns out the power was cut off and needs to be restored.

Leave the building and use thermal goggles, then go behind the warehouse. Follow the cables from the fuse box to reach the generator. Activate it to restore power. Return to the warehouse, use the fuse box, and enter the lift to go up.

You will meet the mad Admiral, who has lost his mind and is living with the corpses of his subordinates. You can choose to sit at the table and listen to him, earning a trophy or achievement.

Cut the string and go up the ladder. Use the rope to reach the other side, which is very close to the dam.


1. How do I steal a boat in Metro Exodus?

In order to steal a boat in Metro Exodus, you need to first find one. Boats can typically be found along the shoreline of bodies of water. Once you have located a boat, you will need to approach it quietly, as to not alert any nearby enemies. Once you are close enough, you will be prompted to hold a button to hijack the boat. Do so, and the boat will be yours to use.

2. What is the purpose of stealing a boat in Metro Exodus?

Stealing a boat in Metro Exodus serves a few different purposes. Firstly, it allows you to traverse bodies of water much more quickly than you would be able to on foot. Additionally, boats can be used to access otherwise unreachable areas, such as islands or hidden coves. Finally, boats can be used as a means of escape in certain situations, allowing you to quickly flee from enemies or dangerous situations.

3. Who is the Admiral in Metro Exodus?

The Admiral is a character in Metro Exodus who is responsible for overseeing the activities of the Aurora, the train that the player character and their allies use as a means of transportation throughout the game. The Admiral is a stern but fair leader who is highly respected by his crew. He plays an important role in the game\’s story, and the player will interact with him several times throughout the course of the game.

4. How do I visit the Admiral in Metro Exodus?

In order to visit the Admiral in Metro Exodus, the player must progress through the game\’s story until they reach the level \”The Volga\”. During this level, the player will be tasked with finding a way to get the Aurora moving again. Once this has been accomplished, the player will be able to use the train to travel to different locations throughout the game. The Admiral can be found on the Aurora, and the player can speak with him by approaching him and pressing the appropriate button.

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