Metro Exodus: Characters

The Metro Exodus game features a range of captivating characters. Some of them will join you on your journey, while others can be found in certain areas of the post-apocalyptic world. This chapter will focus on the main characters.

  • Artyom
  • Anna
  • Miller
  • Stepan
  • Sam
  • Damir
  • Alyosha
  • Tokarev
  • Duke
  • Yermak
  • Idiot


Artyom is the protagonist. He embarks on a journey with his companions to find a new place to call home. Artyom is curious about the world beyond the metro and seeks to make contact with the outside world.


Anna is Artyom\’s wife and a skilled sniper. She will accompany you on your mission and prioritizes peaceful conflict resolution.


As the leader of the group, Miller is committed to the success of the mission. He treats his companions like family and prioritizes their safety over all else. Anna\’s father, Miller is a brave and resolute individual.


Stepan is a heavy weapons specialist and one of the strongest fighters. Despite his intimidating appearance, he is always willing to offer friendly advice and assistance. Stepan also has a sensitive side.


Sam is Miller\’s personal bodyguard and a skilled fighter. He maintains an optimistic outlook and is a valuable member of the team, both in battle and in defending the base.


Damir is a medic who cares deeply for Artyom and the rest of the team. He was born in Kazakhstan and remains loyal to his comrades. Damir is a collected and loyal individual with a strong moral code.


Alyosha joined the Spartan Rangers after spending a few years in the Polis Guard. He enjoys traveling outside of the subway and is a ladies\’ man who is always the life of the party. He also has well-developed survival skills.


Tokarev is responsible for creating and upgrading weapons. He can usually be found in his workshop aboard the Aurora. He is passionate about all types of weapons and enjoys creating various upgrades for them.


Duke is the youngest member of the team and loves combat and danger. He sees the journey as an opportunity to test his skills. Duke\’s actions are often driven by his emotions, which can sometimes get him into trouble.


Yermak is a railway engineer who is responsible for repairing any malfunctions that occur on the Aurora. He joins the team in Moscow and saves Artyom\’s and Anna\’s lives.


Idiot is a philosopher who often contemplates the meaning of life. He is a thoughtful individual who carefully considers the possible outcomes before taking any action. He is also well-read and has his own unique perspective on life.


What are the main characters of Metro Exodus?

The main characters of Metro Exodus include Artyom, the protagonist and player character, who is a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse and a member of the Spartan Order. Anna, Artyom\’s wife, is also a member of the Spartan Order and accompanies Artyom on his journey. Miller, the commander of the Spartan Order, plays a crucial role in guiding Artyom and the group. Duke, a member of the Spartan Order, is a skilled gunsmith and provides support in combat situations. Alyosha, a stalker and member of the Forest Children, joins Artyom and the group later in the game. Finally, there is Sam, a former US Marine who joins the group after they rescue him.

What makes the characters of Metro Exodus unique?

The characters of Metro Exodus are unique in their individual personalities, backgrounds, and motivations. Artyom is a survivor of the nuclear apocalypse, having lived most of his life in the Metro tunnels of Moscow. Anna, Artyom\’s wife, is also a survivor and member of the Spartan Order, and is a skilled sniper and fighter. Miller, the commander of the Spartan Order, is a gruff and experienced leader who guides Artyom and the group. Duke, a member of the Spartan Order, is a skilled gunsmith and provides support in combat situations. Alyosha, a stalker and member of the Forest Children, has a deep love for nature and is fiercely protective of his friends. Sam, a former US Marine, brings a different perspective to the group and provides valuable combat skills. Each character brings their own unique skills and perspective to the group, making them a formidable team in the harsh post-apocalyptic world of Metro Exodus.

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