Map of Quests in Crookbag Bog for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This guide is dedicated to helping players navigate the quests in Crookbag Bog in The Witcher 3.

Important Information About Quests in Crookbag Bog for Witcher 3 M9

Areas to explore that are connected to the main quests

Areas to explore that are connected to the side quests

Areas to explore that are connected to Witcher contracts

Areas to explore that are connected to treasure hunts

Monsters that are stronger and encountered while completing quests

Side Quest Areas:

1 – \”Hazardous Goods\” – A local villager named Gert Borel was attacked by three ghouls (lvl 4). Players must eliminate them and then decide whether to burn the corpses or leave the villager.

2 – Beginning of the treasure hunter quest \”Hidden from the World\”. Players must kill three bandits, one of whom is holding a letter.

3 – Beginning of the treasure hunt quest: \”Out of the Frying Pan, into the Fire\”. Players must kill ghouls and a bandit, then find the entrance to the cellar, where they will find a key and note.

4 – \”Contract: Phantom of the Trade Route\” – In the cave, players will find two men who will ask them to slay the beast.

5 – \”Contract: The Phantom of the Trade Route\” – Players will receive this quest from a refugee who wants them to find his friends and kill the Royal Wyvern.

6 – \”The Truth is in the Stars\” – Players will meet the quest giver and gwent playing master.

7 – \”The Truth is in the Stars\” – Players must explore a cave to find the root for the Old Sage from Benek Village.

8 – \”The Whispering Hillock\” – The quest begins after players enter the cave and talk to the ghost.

9 – \”Contract: Swamp Thing\” – Players can find this witcher\’s contract on the notice board in Donnerwile to kill the beast.

10 – \”Contract: Swamp Thing\” – Players must talk to Leslav and haggle with him to get a good price.

11 – \”Swamp Thing\” – An alternative entrance into the cave where the monster resides.

12 – Players can find a notice board containing two quests: \”The Fall of the House of Readon\” and a witcher\’s contract called \”Contract: The Merry Widow\”. After completing these quests, players will receive a new quest from an Ealdorman called \”Witcher Wannabe\”. There is also a witcher\’s contract called \”Contract: Mystery Tracks\”.

13 – \”Contract: The Merry Widow\” – Players must investigate a house to find clues about the contract.

14 – \”Scavenger Hunt: Griffin School Gear\” – Players can find this in a cave, guarded by Wraiths (lvl 7) and a final Ekimmar (level 11), along with a few elements of this set.

15 – \”The Fall of the House of Reardon\” – Players can find this place after taking the quest and talking to Dolores (she\’ll give you a key).

Main Quest Areas:

16 – \”Ladies of the Wood\” – This is the beginning of \”Trail of Treats\” and the quest itself.

17 – \”Ladies of the Woods\” – Players can find Granny at this location, and she will lead them to contact the Witches.

18 – \”Contract: Mystery Tracks\” – This is the location of the entrance to the cave.

19 – \”Return to Crookback Bog\” – Players can meet the Bloody Baron here if they took the right steps in the main quest \”Family Matters\”.

20 – \”Fool\’s Gold\” (DLC) – Players can talk to bandits at the fireplace to start this quest.

Quests in Crookback Bog

On this page of the Witcher 3 Wild Hunt guide, you will come across a map that displays quests related to the Crookback Bog location, which is a vast swamp in Velen. The map highlights the places where you initiate new quests and important locations you visit while accomplishing the main and side quests about the swamps and surrounding areas.

Crookback Bog is a considerably large location that presents opportunities to acquire new valuable items and challenge potent adversaries. The map above shows the various quests you can undertake here, including the main quest – Ladies of the Wood. Alongside this, there are numerous side quests that range from small tasks to more complex witcher contracts.


1. What is Crookbag Bog in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

Crookbag Bog is a location in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, specifically in the Velen region. It is a vast swampy area that is home to many dangerous creatures and monsters. The bog is also notorious for being used as a dumping ground for dead bodies, making it a haven for necrophages and ghouls. There are several quests that take place in Crookbag Bog, including \”The Volunteer\” and \”Ciri\’s Story: Fleeing the Bog.\”

2. How do I unlock quests in Crookbag Bog?

To unlock quests in Crookbag Bog, you need to explore the area and speak with the various NPCs that you encounter. Some quests may only become available after completing other quests or meeting certain criteria. Additionally, some quests may be triggered by examining certain items or interacting with the environment in specific ways.

3. What are some tips for navigating Crookbag Bog?

Crookbag Bog can be a challenging area to navigate, particularly due to the presence of numerous hazards and enemies. Here are a few tips to help you get through this area:

  • Use your Witcher Senses to spot hidden enemies and items.
  • Be on the lookout for traps and hazards, such as explosive barrels and poison clouds.
  • Consider using a torch to light your way in the dark and scare off creatures that fear fire.
  • Bring along some Necrophage Oil to deal extra damage to the many necrophages and ghouls you\’ll encounter.

4. What rewards can I expect from completing quests in Crookbag Bog?

Completing quests in Crookbag Bog can net you a variety of rewards, including experience points, gold, and items such as weapons and armor. Some quests may also have unique rewards, such as unlocking new abilities or advancing the game\’s story. Additionally, completing quests can help you gain reputation with various factions and characters, which can have implications for future quests and storylines.

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