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Important Points about Panessa Film Studios – Secrets

Riddler Collectibles


Breakable Objects


1 – Riddle 1
You can solve this riddle in the quarantine area, which is the first room with cells. You can only complete it once you\’ve progressed in the main storyline and imprisoned Robin in one of the cells. Go to the first cell on the left and scan it.

Riddler Collectibles

1 – Trophy 1
The trophy is behind a locked gate in the quarantine area. Use a remote-controlled batarang to hit the electricity near the ceiling. After electrifying the batarang, crash it through a window near the exit from the room. Send the batarang to the lower level and hit the fuse box with it. You can now enter the new room, and the trophy will be near the stairs.

2 – Trophy 3
Unlock the side area by following the instructions from trophy #1. Use the stairs to reach a room on the upper floor. Solve the riddle in this room by turning off all question marks. Here\’s the correct order to hit them: lower middle, lower left, middle left, upper left.

3 – Trophy 3
Find a door to the side area and use a ventilation shaft. Stand near a weakened wall directly behind one of the five Riddler\’s robots. Activate fear takedown only if you\’ve fully upgraded the ability so that you can take out five targets in one go. Once you\’ve succeeded, go back to the previous room to take the trophy from the cage.

4 – Trophy 4
Find a hitch in the backstage area and use your batclaw on it. Start pulling and use the same gadget for the second time to grab the trophy.

5 – Trophy 5
Use the remote electrical charge to move the Poseidon statue. Stop the red arrow near the B letter plate by using the remote charge again. Throw a batarang to light the right green arrow. Start rotating the statue and wait for it to reach the A letter plate. Highlight the green arrow, use the remote charge, and wait for the statue to reach letter T. You can now collect the trophy.

6 – Trophy 6
Use explosive gel on a weakened wall to the north of the cage with the trophy. Enter a new room and stand on a pressure plate. Start throwing remote-controlled batarangs inside a small shaft – two of them must hit question marks in the shaft, and the remaining third batarang must hit a fuse box. You may now collect the trophy.

7 – Trophy 7
Use the remote electrical charge to unlock the room with the secret. Solve a riddle here by using the remote electrical charge on the nearby generators in the correct order. Here\’s the correct order (counting from left): first generator, fifth generator, seventh generator, third generator, second generator, fourth generator, eighth generator, sixth generator. You may now pick up the trophy.

Trophy 8 can be found to the east of the secret area, near a steam pipe. Use the freeze blast on the pipe to reach the upper platform. Use the disruptor to sabotage the weapons crate, then use the voice synthesizer on Riddler\’s robot to check the crate. The robot will be destroyed, and the trophy will be released from a cage on the upper level.

To obtain Trophy 9, use the remote electrical charge to raise the gate, then stand on the first pressure plate. Use the line launcher to get to the left third plate, then use the batclaw to grab the trophy from the cage on the wall.

For Riddle 2, head to the south-western part of the backstage area, open the closed gate with a voice synthesizer (Harley\’s voice), and scan the Joker altar in the small room.

Riddle 3 is located in the movie studio\’s Stage A. Enter the small room to the right of the entrance and scan the poster in the glass display.

Trophy 10 can be obtained by hitting the nearby question marks with batarangs while standing on a pressure plate in a small room of Stage A. The correct color combination is blue, green, red, and yellow. Grab the trophy from the newly opened cage.

To get Trophy 11, use the grappling hook to reach the upper ledge at the back of Stage A. Use the remote hacking device to temporarily disable one of the active sentry turrets, then sabotage the other one. Destroy the hacked turret to obtain the trophy.

Trophy 12 is located at the back of Stage A. Use the batclaw to attach yourself to the big robot and start pulling to uncover the generator. Overload the generator using the remote electrical charge, then locate the opened cage and pick up the trophy.

Trophy 13 can be found in Stage B of the studio. Use the remote hacking device on the control panel near the roof and input the IMPELLER password. Use the batclaw to grab the trophy from the turned off fan.

To obtain Trophy 14, use the grappling hook to pull yourself towards the grating on the ceiling, then activate the line launcher. Seal the two pipes using freeze blasts, then use the upper balconies to reach the side room with the trophy.

15 � Trophy 15
To find this trophy, locate a grating on the floor and use it to reach the lower area. Look for two mines and use an upgraded version of the disruptor to disarm them. If you don\’t have the upgrade yet, you\’ll need to purchase it. After destroying the mines, slide to a small room to collect the trophy.

16 � Trophy 16
To get this trophy, use a remote electrical charge on a generator and disperse explosive gel on the back side of the right metal panel that moved down. Then, go to a nearby vantage point and send the opposite charge towards the generator. Wait for the panel to move up and detonate the gel when the panel gets close enough to a weakened wall. Glide to a small ledge to collect the trophy.

17 � Trophy 17
To find this trophy, reach the southern room of stage B and stand on a pressure plate. Use a remote controlled batarang to hit a western ventilation shaft. Once the batarang is in the western room, aim it at the green question mark to unlock a cage containing the trophy.

18 � Trophy 18
This trophy is located inside a sphere in a large tube in one of the southern rooms of stage B. Move the tube to the right by using freeze blasts on pipes with hot steam coming out of them. Once the sphere drops to the lower level, approach it to collect the trophy.

19 � Trophy 19
To get this trophy, explore the north-western part of the corridor leading to stage C to find an entrance to a ventilation shaft. Use the shaft to reach a small room and throw a remote controlled batarang inside. Hit the question mark near the ceiling to unlock the cage containing the trophy.

20 � Trophy 20
Access the console in the central area of stage C and use batarangs to hit the question marks in the correct order based on their corresponding colors on the screen. Follow the correct order for each trial to collect the trophy.

21 � Trophy 12
To get this trophy, use the remote hacking device on four controls of the slots machine located in the north-eastern corner of stage C. Stop all icons from a single row at the same type to solve the puzzle and collect the trophy.

On this page of our Batman: Arkham Knight guide, we\’ve included a map of Panessa Studios. The map shows where to find all the secrets and collectibles in this area of Gotham.

The screenshot displayed above shows the layout of the interior of Panessa Studios, which is a crucial location on Bleake Island. While progressing through the main storyline, you will visit this location several times, but complete access to it is only granted after resolving the crisis caused by Harley Quinn\’s appearance. Once you\’ve halted Harley Quinn\’s plan of abducting infected Jokers, you can start searching for secrets. However, it\’s important to keep in mind that the game doesn\’t automatically save your progress in discovering secrets. Therefore, it\’s recommended that you exit the building or return to the central area of the movie studio, which is the Backstage, to enforce an autosave. Don\’t turn off your computer too soon, or you might lose some of the progress you\’ve made.


What is the Map of Pannesa Film Studios?

The Map of Pannesa Film Studios is a collectible item that can be found in the game Grand Theft Auto V. It is a map of the fictional movie studio, Pannesa Film Studios, which is located in Los Santos. The map shows the various buildings and sets within the studio, including the sound stages, backlots, and production offices. It is a highly sought after item by collectors and fans of the game.

Where can I find the Map of Pannesa Film Studios?

The Map of Pannesa Film Studios can be found in several locations throughout the game. One of the most common places to find it is in the production offices at the studio itself. It can also be found in various other locations, such as movie theaters and video rental stores. Additionally, the map can be purchased online from various websites that specialize in selling video game collectibles. It is important to note that the map is not necessary to complete the game, but is a fun item for collectors and fans of Grand Theft Auto V.

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