Map of Enemies in Vegelbud Residence for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

Our guide for Witcher 3 Wild Hunt provides a detailed map of enemies in Vegelbud Residence. The map is color-coded to indicate the difficulty levels of the enemies. This will help in avoiding confrontations with more powerful opponents if Geralt\’s skills are not up to the mark.

Enemy Levels in Vegelbud Residence

The map accurately depicts the location of enemies in Vegelbud Residence. The areas with enemies have been marked with different colors according to their difficulty levels. However, some enemies move around, so the areas are only approximate.

  1. The green color indicates territories with enemies of level up to 7.
  2. The yellow color indicates territories with enemies of levels 8-11.
  3. The red color indicates territories with enemies of levels above 11.
  4. The red wolf head represents the location of the strongest enemies in Vegelbud Residence.


What is the Vegelbud Residence in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

The Vegelbud Residence is a location in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt located in the city of Novigrad. It is the home of the aristocratic Vegelbud family, and is known for its luxurious design and beautiful gardens. The residence plays a significant role in the game\’s main story, as it is the site of a key political event that Geralt must attend.

What enemies can be found at the Vegelbud Residence?

While the Vegelbud Residence is not a combat-focused location, there are still a few enemies that players may encounter. These include guards stationed at various points around the residence, as well as a group of bandits that can be found attempting to break into the building. Additionally, players may encounter hostile creatures in the gardens surrounding the residence, such as ghouls or drowners.

What is the best way to navigate the Vegelbud Residence?

The Vegelbud Residence can be a tricky location to navigate, with multiple floors and numerous rooms to explore. However, players can make use of the map provided in-game to help them find their way around. It is also recommended that players take the time to explore each room thoroughly, as there may be valuable loot or quest items hidden away. Finally, it is important to be cautious when sneaking around the residence, as being caught by guards can result in a fight.

Are there any quests or objectives associated with the Vegelbud Residence?

Yes, there are several quests and objectives that take place at or near the Vegelbud Residence. These include the main story quest \”A Matter of Life and Death,\” as well as several side quests such as \”Gwent: Big City Players\” and \”The Great Escape.\” Additionally, players may encounter various NPCs with their own requests or objectives while exploring the residence.

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