Lohses Companion Quest | Guide to Companion Quests

This is a walkthrough guide for the Lohse\’s companion quest in Divinity Original Sin 2.

Here\’s a description of Lohse\’s companion quest:

  • Stage 1: Fort Joy
  • Stage 2: Reaper\’s Coast
  • Stage 3: Arx

Stage 1: Fort Joy

The quest begins when you recruit Lohse to your party.

Let Lohse talk to Saheila in Caverns. Unfortunately, things go wrong and you have to intervene. Lohse becomes hostile, but after you deal a certain amount of damage to her, she will be back on your side. If you choose not to intervene, Saheila will die.

Zillik can be found in Holding Cells. Speak to him and he will suggest that you go to Reaper\’s Coast. There, you can meet his master who can help Lohse.

Stage 2: Reaper\’s Coast

You will find out that his master is a demonologist named Jahan. He will order you to kill a demon called The Advocate and find out the name of the demon that possessed Lohse.

You can find out the demon\’s name by talking to the Ancestor Tree. Go to Bloodmoon Island Archives and look for Archivist\’s Journal. It contains the information you need.

You can also learn about it from the Archivist\’s spirit. After that, go back to the Ancestor Tree and talk to it. You will learn the demon\’s name.

Go back to Jahan. He will try to perform an exorcism on Lohse, but it will fail. He will then tell you that he can go on Lady Vengeance and will help you face the demon when the time is right.

Stage 3: Arx

The demon that possessed Lohse is hiding in The Black House on Arx, disguised as the Doctor.

Malady will be near the entrance. She will take you to a place full of candles. Putting them out will provoke the demon.

Then, you must enter The Black House and learn that the Doctor is waiting for you. Go to his office. He will initiate a conversation that will lead to a fight.


What is the Lohse companion quest?

The Lohse companion quest is a storyline in the video game Divinity: Original Sin 2 that focuses on the character Lohse, one of the game\’s available companions. The quest involves exploring Lohse\’s past and discovering the source of a mysterious voice that speaks to her. Throughout the quest, players will encounter a variety of challenges and enemies as they delve deeper into Lohse\’s history.

How do I start the Lohse companion quest?

To start the Lohse companion quest, players must first recruit Lohse as a companion character. Once Lohse is in the party, players can begin to uncover hints about her past by speaking with her and exploring the game world. Eventually, players will encounter a series of events that trigger the start of the quest. From there, the quest will unfold as players progress through the game\’s main storyline.

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