Locating and Releasing Ivys Plant on Founders Island in Batman: Arkham Knight

Batman: AK Guide

In this section of our Batman: Arkham Knight game guide, we will show you how to locate and release Ivy\’s plant on Founders\’ Island. This is a longer sequence that involves driving the Batmobile and solving puzzles along the way.

Begin by driving through the city\’s tunnels. Soon, you will face a large obstacle. To bypass it, drive on the ceiling. Start driving from a distance and gradually turn left or right. You can also use the afterburner to help you in the final phase.

To get past the barricade that cannot be bypassed by car, exit the Batmobile and find the entrance to the ventilation shafts. Walk through them and stop near the first tank. Use the remote hacking device to temporarily blind the tank. This will allow you to bypass it.

Further ahead, you will encounter two more tanks. Wait for one of them to move away and quickly get to the one parked on the right. Use the remote hacking device to blind the tank. Repeat the same process for the third tank.

After blinding the third tank, bypass it or use the grappling hook to attach yourself to the ceiling. Find the switch that opens the gate near the Batmobile. Return to the Batmobile and destroy all the tanks you have blinded before. Destroy the two machines parked near another closed gate. Find the switch on the right side and open the gate. Now you can move further in the Batmobile.

Jump to the Batmobile in another part of the tunnel and reach the control room on the first floor. Use the switch to raise the float. Go back to the Batmobile and use the platform. In the next tunnel, drive on the ceiling. Do the same in the part of the tunnel where the ground is damaged. This will allow you to bypass the obstacle.

Stop in the next larger location. Leave the Batmobile and go on your foot to the room on the right. Find the switch that unlocks the nearby float.

To cross the water tank, use the Batmobile to drive onto the floating platform. Move to the other side to change the platform\’s position under the weight. Be sure not to ride off the float. Exit the car and return to the control room to activate the switch and block the ramp. Return to the Batmobile, drive away from the ramp and accelerate using the afterburner. The blocked float will allow you to jump over the water tank.

In the tunnel, activate the Batmobile\’s battle mode and use the sonar to scan the area. Follow the mini-map to locate the plant you need. Once you reach the designated spot, hold down the sonar button to shoot a bullet underground. The Batmobile will be caught by Poison Ivy\’s plant and you will resurface.


1. What is Ivy\’s plant and why is it important in the main story of Founders\’ Island?

Ivy\’s plant is a special type of plant that she has used to create her own army of plant creatures. In the main story of Founders\’ Island, Batman is trying to locate and release the plant in order to stop Ivy\’s control over the island. The plant is important because it is the source of Ivy\’s power and without it, she will lose control over her army of plant creatures.

2. Where can I find Ivy\’s plant on Founders\’ Island?

Ivy\’s plant is located in the Botanical Gardens on Founders\’ Island. The gardens are heavily guarded by Ivy\’s plant creatures, so it is important to be careful when approaching the area. Once you reach the plant, you will need to use your gadgets to release it from Ivy\’s control.

3. What gadgets do I need to release Ivy\’s plant on Founders\’ Island?

In order to release Ivy\’s plant, you will need to use your hacking device to disable the security system around the plant. You will also need to use your Remote Electrical Charge gadget to overload the plant\’s power source and break it free from Ivy\’s control. Make sure to have these gadgets equipped before approaching the Botanical Gardens.

4. What happens after I release Ivy\’s plant on Founders\’ Island?

After releasing Ivy\’s plant, you will have successfully weakened Ivy\’s control over the island. However, you will still need to defeat her plant creatures and ultimately confront Ivy herself to fully stop her plans. Be prepared for a tough fight, as Ivy will not give up without a fight. Once you have defeated her, the island will be safe from her control and you can continue on with the main story.

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