List of Possible Deaths and Choices for Emma in The Quarry

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This guide page provides a rundown of all the different ways in which Emma can die in the game. You will be informed about the game chapters in which these deaths occur and the choices that cause them.

Remember that the game has a \”death rewind\” option, which you can use if you accidentally die.

A spoiler warning is necessary for this page. You will read about significant choices and situations that occur throughout The Quarry\’s storyline. Unfortunately, spoilers are unavoidable, but we have attempted to describe the storyline as vaguely as possible and only point to specific situations.

  • Chapter 4 option 1
  • Chapter 4 option 2
  • Chapter 4 option 3
  • Chapter 4 option 4

Chapter 4 option 1

When inside the island house, open the latch. Emma laughs about it in the video. If you open the trapdoor, she will die instantly.

Chapter 4 option 2

You can pick up bear spray or a stun gun while running from the monster. If you fail the QTE sequence, Emma will die on the spot.

Chapter 4 option 3

During the monster\’s attack in the island house, another QTE will begin. If you make a mistake, Emma will die.

Chapter 4 option 4

While running from the monster, Emma will run into a rope. If you select the fast rope reel option and then fail to complete the QTE sequence correctly, she will die.


What is The Quarry: Emma?

The Quarry: Emma is an interactive online film where the viewer becomes the protagonist and makes choices that determine the outcome of the story. The story follows Emma, a young woman who returns to her hometown after her father\’s death and is haunted by memories of her past. As the viewer, you make choices for Emma and determine her fate, including whether or not she survives.

What are the possible deaths in The Quarry: Emma?

There are several possible deaths that Emma can experience in The Quarry: Emma. These include drowning, falling off a cliff, getting hit by a car, and being shot. Each death is a result of a different choice made by the viewer, and the story can be rewound to try again and make different choices to avoid the fatal outcomes. The film also includes warnings before scenes that may be triggering or disturbing for some viewers.

How does The Quarry: Emma utilize interactive storytelling?

The Quarry: Emma utilizes interactive storytelling by allowing the viewer to make choices for the protagonist and determine the outcome of the story. The viewer is presented with options at various points in the film, and the choice made will determine the next scene and ultimately the ending of the story. This creates a personalized and immersive experience for the viewer, as they become invested in the fate of the protagonist and have agency in the story\’s direction. The film also includes multiple possible endings, depending on the choices made by the viewer.

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