List of Control Bosses

A walkthrough and guide for Control

Control offers an interesting take on bosses. The main story lacks traditional boss fights, with some opponents being slightly stronger than usual enemies but nothing more than minibosses.

However, Control does feature hidden boss battles in certain side missions. This guide lists additional bosses in the game, along with some general information. For battle tactics, refer to the specific section for each boss.

  1. Mr. Tommasi- You first encounter Mr. Tommasi at the end of Unknown Caller, but the main fight happens during the Mr. Tommasi side mission.
  2. Anchor- This boss is located at the end of The Enemy Within side mission.
  3. Former – You fight this boss twice. First during the Fridge Duty side mission, and then at the end of Langston\’s Runaways side mission.
  4. Mold-1- This boss is fought during the Old Growth side mission.
  5. esseJ- You will encounter this boss while completing the Self-reflection side mission.

Defeating each boss will earn you a trophy/achievement with the same name as the boss.


What is a list of bosses in Control?

A list of bosses in Control is a collection of enemies that players must defeat to progress through the game. These bosses are typically more difficult to defeat than regular enemies and often require specific strategies to defeat. Some of the bosses in Control include the Anchor, Mold-1, and Tommasi. Each boss presents a unique challenge and requires players to utilize different tactics and abilities to emerge victorious.

How do I defeat the Anchor boss in Control?

To defeat the Anchor boss in Control, players must first destroy its anchors, which are located on its body. Once the anchors are destroyed, the boss will become vulnerable, allowing players to attack its exposed core. Players should use their most powerful weapons and abilities to deal as much damage as possible while avoiding the boss\’s attacks. The boss will periodically summon minions to attack the player, so it\’s important to take them out quickly to avoid getting overwhelmed. With persistence and a solid strategy, players can defeat the Anchor boss in Control.

What is the best way to defeat Tommasi in Control?

The best way to defeat Tommasi in Control is to use a combination of abilities and weapons. Players should start by using Launch to throw objects at Tommasi and deal damage. They should also use Shield to defend against his attacks. When Tommasi is vulnerable, players should switch to their most powerful weapon and deal as much damage as possible. It\’s important to stay mobile and avoid Tommasi\’s attacks, as he can deal significant damage if he hits the player. With persistence and a well-planned strategy, players can defeat Tommasi and progress through Control.

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