List of all Sites of Grace (Limgrave) in Elden Ring

This Elden Ring walkthrough contains a complete list of all Sites of Grace in the Limgrave region.

The Sites of Grace act as checkpoints in the game. If you die, you\’ll respawn at the last Site of Grace you interacted with.

There are 38 Sites of Grace to discover in the Limgrave region. Some of them are located in caves, so be sure to search closely along the walls and possibly descend to lower levels to find them.

Here is the full list of Sites of Grace:

#1 – Stranded Graveyard

#2 – The First Step

#3 – Cave of Knowledge

#4 – Church of Elleh

#5 – Gatefront Ruins

#6 – Groveside Cave

#7 – Stormfoot Catacombs

#8 – Coastal Cave

#9 – Church of Dragon Communion

#10 – Limgrave Tunnels

#11 – Agheel Lake North

#12 – Murkwater Cave

#13 – Murkwater Coast

#14 – Murkwater Catacombs

#15 – Saintsbridge

#16 – Deathtouched Catacombs

#17 – Highroad Cave

#18 – Summonwater Village Outskirts

#19 – Artist\’s Shack

#20 – Mistwood Outskirts

#21 – Waypoint Ruins Cellar

#22 – Fort Haight West

#23 – Agheel Lake South

#24 – Seaside Ruins

#25 – Third Church of Marika

#26 – Stormhill Shack

#27 – Castleward Tunnel

#28 – Margit, The Fell Omen

#29 – Stormveil Main Gate

#30 – Gateside Chamber

#31 – Stormveil Cliffside

#32 – Rampart Tower

#33 – Liftside Chamber

#34 – Secluded Cell

#35 – Godrick, the Grafted

#36 – Limgrave Tower Bridge

#37 – Divine Tower of Limgrave

#38 – (Unknown)



1. What is Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave)?

Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave) is an upcoming action role-playing game developed by FromSoftware in collaboration with George R. R. Martin. The game is set in a world called The Lands Between, which is filled with ruins, castles, and other locations. The game\’s storyline revolves around the Elden Ring, a powerful artifact that has been shattered, and the player\’s quest to restore it. Limgrave is one of the locations in the game, and it is known to be the home of the Graceful, a group of beings who have the power to manipulate the Elden Ring.

2. What are the different locations in Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave)?

Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave) features a variety of different locations that players can explore. These include the Limgrave Castle, which is the home of the Graceful and the location of the Elden Ring\’s shattering. Other locations include the Misty Valley, the Abandoned Village, the Crystal Caves, and the Garden of Elden. Each location has its own unique challenges and enemies, and players will need to navigate them in order to progress through the game.

3. How do players navigate through the different locations in Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave)?

Players navigate through the different locations in Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave) by exploring the open world and discovering new areas. The game features a fast travel system that allows players to quickly move between different locations, but players can also travel on foot or on horseback. As players explore each location, they will encounter enemies, puzzles, and other obstacles that they must overcome in order to progress. The game also features a day-night cycle, which can affect the behavior of certain enemies and make it easier or harder to navigate through the environment.

4. Are there any hidden locations or secrets in Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave)?

Like other games developed by FromSoftware, Elden Ring: Sites of Grace (Limgrave) is known for its hidden locations and secrets. Players can discover hidden areas by exploring the environment and interacting with certain objects or NPCs. There are also secret bosses and items that can only be obtained by completing certain tasks or defeating certain enemies. The game rewards players for exploring and taking risks, so it is always worth investigating every nook and cranny of each location.

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