List of all side quests in AC Odyssey

This guide and walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey provides a complete list of all side quests in the game. The optional quests are categorized based on their location and marked on the game map for easier navigation. Each quest comes with a detailed walkthrough, XP points awarded, activation requirements, and recommended experience level for a seamless completion of the side quests.

  • List of side quests in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey:
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List of side quests in Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey:

Kephallonia Islands Side Quests:

  1. Hungry Gods
  2. Merciful Gods
  3. A Ship Came Sailing
  4. The Fight with Talos
  5. In the Footsteps of Gods
  6. Lumbering Along
  7. The Blood Fever
  8. Mercenary Work
  9. Shark the Vagrant
  10. A Small Odyssey

Megaris Side Quests:

  1. Record Sunshine
  2. Happy Hour

Phokis Side Quests:

  1. Pressed for Time
  2. A Specific General

Lokris Side Quests:

  1. Family Values
  2. Confiscated

Abantis Islands (Eubea and Skiros) Side Quests:

  1. Once a Slave…
  2. The Taxman Cometh
  3. Death and Taxes
  4. Sharp Tongue
  5. Blood and Water
  6. Dagger in the Heart
  7. Wasn\’t born the Kingfisher
  8. The Kingfisher and the robin

Attika Side Quests:

  1. Creating Opportunity
  2. A friend in need…
  3. Heitor\’s Gonna Hate
  4. For the People
  5. He, who stops
  6. The Liberator
  7. Citizenship Test
  8. Witness Him
  9. Free Speech
  10. On a High Horse
  11. A Life\’s Worth.

Korinthia Side Quests:

  1. Handle of Care

Argolis Side Quests:

  1. Enough is Enough
  2. Written in Stone
  3. Death comes for Us

Naxos Side Quests:

  1. The Writing\’s on the Wall

Pirate Islands (Seriphos, Keos and Lestris) Side Quests:

  1. Lost and Found
  2. Making Friends
  3. Heart of Stone
  4. Recruitment Drive
  5. Red in the Werckage
  6. We\’re Not Thieves
  7. We\’re Treasure Hunters
  8. Birds of a Feather and Rumored Feather Location
  9. Sacred Vows and Rumored Bracelet Location
  10. She Who Controls the Seas and Rumored Conch Shell Location
  11. Throw the Dice and Pan\’s Flute
  12. Priceless Treasure quest

Obsidian Islands (Hydrea and Melos) Side Quests:

  1. Sparring with Roxana
  2. Archery Practice
  3. Foot Race
  4. Call to Arms i The Great Contender

Silver Islands (Delos and Mykonos) Side Quests:

  1. The Sokratic Method
  2. \”M\” for Murder
  3. Goddess of the Hunt
  4. The Thaletas Way
  5. Paint the Sand Red

Southern Sporades (Kos and Samos) Side Quests:

  1. A Business Opportunity
  2. Old Friends, Old Problems
  3. Farm in Flames

Messara Side Quests:

The list contains various side quests categorized by different locations in the game. The first list is for Pephka side quests, the second is for Kythera Island side quests, the third is for Lesbos Island side quests, the fourth is for Lakonia side quests, the fifth is for Achaia side quests, the sixth is for Volcanic Islands (Thassos and Lemnos) side quests, the seventh is for Chios Island side quests, the eighth is for Elis side quests, and the last list is for treasure hunting for Xenia (Keos Island) side quests. Additionally, there is a separate list for free DLC side quests. All HTML tags, including headings and paragraphs, and images are to be preserved.


1. What are side quests in AC Odyssey?

Side quests in AC Odyssey are optional missions that players can undertake while exploring the game world. These quests are not related to the main story but provide additional content and rewards. They often involve helping non-playable characters (NPCs) with various tasks, such as finding lost items, rescuing hostages, or defeating enemies. Completing side quests can earn players experience points, new gear, and resources that can be used to upgrade their character or ship.

2. How many side quests are in AC Odyssey?

AC Odyssey features over 100 side quests spread across its vast open world. These quests are divided into different categories based on their difficulty level and location. Some side quests can only be completed once the player has reached a certain level or progressed through the main story. Others are available from the start of the game and can be completed at any time. The variety and number of side quests in AC Odyssey provide players with hours of additional gameplay and exploration beyond the main story.

3. What are some of the most interesting side quests in AC Odyssey?

AC Odyssey features many memorable side quests, each with its own unique story and characters. Some of the most interesting side quests include \’The Daughters of Artemis\’, where players must hunt down legendary beasts to impress a group of female warriors, and \’A Pirate\’s Life\’, where players team up with the infamous pirate Blackbeard to uncover a hidden treasure. Other notable side quests include \’The Sokratic Method\’, where players engage in philosophical debates with the ancient philosopher Sokrates, and \’The Gates of Atlantis\’, where players must explore ancient ruins to uncover the secrets of the lost city of Atlantis.

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