List of All Side Missions in My Time at Sandrock

A guide and walkthrough for My Time at Sandrock.

If you\’re looking to earn extra money and reputation in My Time at Sandrock, you can take on side missions offered by the townspeople. This page provides a comprehensive list of all side quests available in the game, which are optional and not required to complete the main storyline.

By completing these quests, you\’ll not only have a chance to get to know the residents of Sandrock better and make new friends, but you\’ll also earn rewards and improve your standing in the community.

All Additional Missions

  1. Jasmine Co. Official Sandrock Tour – During this brief introduction, Jasmine will guide you through Sandrock\’s most significant places.
  2. Combat Training – Pen will spar with you to teach you the basics of combat.
  3. The Gift of Water – Burgess will explain the importance of water and introduce you to the Water Tank.
  4. Takin\’ it Easy – Elsie and Mi-an will invite you to the Game Center for lunch and relaxation.
  5. Taste of Your Own Medicine – Fang\’s experimental medicine will be given to you to try in this mission.
  6. World of Sandfishing – Elsie will show you how to fish in this mission.
  7. Mining Time! – Rocky will request that you extract raw materials from Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins.
  8. Over the Moon – In this mission, you\’ll assist Owen in finding a lost restaurant sign and returning it to its place.
  9. A Piece of the Past – Visit Catori in the Museum during this task to learn how to restore Relics.
  10. Wanted! – During this mission, you\’ll deliver Logan\’s wanted posters to various places around town.
  11. Pedagogy Postponed – Burgess, who has lost his equipment, will ask you to create a Stone Sword and Shield for him in this task.
  12. Instant Karma – Burgess will ask you to help him clean up the sand in front of the Temple in this mission.
  13. Person of Interest – A famous writer will ask you for an interview regarding Logan\’s recent train attack.
  14. Learning to Ride – Elsie will teach you how to ride a horse in this mission, and you\’ll learn how to rent your first mount.
  15. Keeping Up with the Yakmels – Cooper will request that you repair a fence damaged by fleeing Yakmels in this task.
  16. Runner-Up – Deliver a special shipment for Owen on Arvio\’s orders in this task.
  17. Delivery Trainee – Arvio will ask you to make another delivery, this time to Fang, in this mission.
  18. Delivery Expert – Hand over a package from Arvio to Miguel in this task, and you\’ll be one step closer to completing all courier missions.
  19. Delivery Master – In this last task for Arvio, you\’ll deliver a package to Vivi, who runs the Tailor Made store.
  20. Ranch Part-time Work – Help Cooper remove weeds around Wandering Y Ranch in this mission.
  21. Fake Friend – Build a Fake Yakmel to keep the animals from escaping from the pasture in this task.
  22. Who\’s the Deputy – Participate in the ceremony for the appointment of a deputy sheriff and craft a Deputy Cap in this mission.
  23. Gone with the Wind – Create a special photo album for Mort to reminisce about the old days in this mission.
  24. The Moonlighter – Amirah will request that you deliver some Clay to her for creating new dishes in this mission.
  25. Mutual Misstep – Meet Qi unexpectedly in Eufaula Salvage Abandoned Ruins during this mission.
  26. Operation Flowergate – In this task, you\’ll assist Zeke and the team in planting flowers in Sandrock.
  27. Get Conyacted – Build your own Yakmel Station and install it at the Gecko Station in this mission.
  28. You Spin Me Round – Repair a damaged windmill for Copper in this task.

For some time, there has been a blemish on the desert landscape. To tune your banjo, you will need to construct a cat house for Banjo and place it near City Hall. Qi will request that you restore the Equatorial Mount relic for new research in Excavating the Sky. A Window to the Cosmos involves collecting all parts of the Telescope at Gecko Station. A New Look requires gathering materials to repair a damaged Mobile Suit. Big Game Hunter involves assisting Elsa in hunting a mysterious animal and gathering herbs to aid the fox\’s recovery. Grace will ask you to revisit the Breach ruins and retrieve important items in Once More Into the Breach. Lastly, prepare a gift for the Day of the Bright Sun holiday in Gift of the Bright Sun.



What are side missions in My Time at Sandrock?

Side missions are additional quests that players can complete on top of the main storyline. They usually involve helping out the inhabitants of Sandrock or completing a specific task.


How do I unlock side missions?

Side missions can be unlocked by talking to NPCs (non-player characters) around Sandrock. Some side missions may be available only after completing certain main story quests or reaching a certain level of friendship with the NPC.


What rewards can I get from completing side missions?

Completing side missions can reward players with items, money, and even new tools or upgrades. Some side missions may also increase the player\’s friendship level with the NPC who requested the task, unlocking new dialogue options and potential romantic interests.


Is it necessary to complete all side missions in My Time at Sandrock?

No, completing side missions is not necessary to finish the main storyline of My Time at Sandrock. However, they can provide additional challenges and rewards for players who want to explore more of the game\’s world and characters.

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