List of All Main Missions in My Time at Sandrock

Learn how to complete the main missions with this guide for My Time at Sandrock.

The main storyline of My Time at Sandrock is composed of 26 missions, which are all listed on this page for your convenience.

Here, you can find a comprehensive list of all the story missions available in My Time at Sandrock. While three of them do have time limits, failing to meet them won\’t affect the plot in a significant way.

Main Objectives

  1. Welcome to Sandrock – During this task, you will explore the city and meet its first inhabitants.
  2. The New Builder – Your objective is to collect initial materials and create basic equipment in your workshop.
  3. Becoming Official – During this mission, you will register your workshop and officially join Sandrock\’s builders.
  4. Picking Up the Slack – In this task, you will create a Crane Lift, which will enable you to access the Abandoned Ruins.
  5. On the Shoulders of Buried Giants – You will meet Qi, a scientist who will provide you with blueprints for new machines during this quest.
  6. The Show Must Go On – Your goal is to rebuild a part of the stage that was damaged by a sandstorm.
  7. Cover My Glass – This mission requires you to repair the windows in a train that was attacked by Logan.
  8. Pitching In – During this task, you will clean up Martle\’s Oasis, which was destroyed by hasty Geeglers.
  9. The Old Man and the Tree – Your objective is to visit the Moisture Farm and meet Zeke, who grows crops there.
  10. Moisture Farm Blues – In this mission, you will repair the Hydrogel Core, which will reactivate the sprinkler system at Moisture Farm.
  11. The Grass is Greener – Your task is to learn how to grow plants and harvest your first crop.
  12. Operation De-Geeglate – You will construct a Suspended Tram Cart and join the Civil Corp in this mission.
  13. Belly of the Beast – In this task, you will explore the ruins of Gecko Station and eliminate the Geeglers.
  14. In Trusses We Trust – You will begin the bridge reconstruction by building Trusses during this mission.
  15. Paradise Lost and Found – Your goal is to explore the ruins of Paradise Lost and locate the Strange Power Core.
  16. Qi\’s Gungnam Opus – During this mission, you will construct a Mobile Suit for scientist Qi.
  17. Keep on Rockin\’ – Your objective is to build a Sorting Machine for Rocky in this mission.
  18. The Inspector – A mysterious man has arrived in Sandrock, and you will save him during this quest.
  19. Mint Condition – Your last task in rebuilding the bridge is to construct the Magneto Inductive Inspector, commissioned by Mint.
  20. Practice What You Preach – This short mission involves you participating in a survey as Burgess is curious about your well-being after the Geegler attack.
  21. Recipe for Fun – Your task is to create the Sandrunning Kiosk to introduce a new attraction for Sandrock residents.
  22. Sandapalooza – You will participate in the grand opening ceremony of a new attraction in this mission, but not everything will go as planned.
  23. Where\’s Mi-an – Your objective in this task is to find Mi-an and investigate Logan.
  24. Out of the Past – In this mission, you will conduct interviews with Sandrock residents about their connections to Logan.
  25. Appetite for Construction – Your goal in this mission is to reconstruct the Water Tower, destroyed by Logan.



What are the main missions in My Time at Sandrock?

The main missions in My Time at Sandrock are the primary storyline quests that players must complete in order to progress through the game. These missions generally involve completing various tasks, such as gathering resources, building structures, and interacting with NPCs. Some of the main missions include \”Settle Down in Sandrock,\” \”Meeting the Governor,\” and \”Rebuilding the Museum.\” Players will need to complete these missions in order to unlock new areas of the game and advance the story.


How long does it take to complete all of the main missions in My Time at Sandrock?

The amount of time it takes to complete all of the main missions in My Time at Sandrock will vary depending on the individual player\’s playstyle and how quickly they progress through the game. However, on average, it can take anywhere from 20-30 hours to complete all of the main missions. This does not include any side quests or optional activities, which can add additional time to the overall gameplay experience. Players who enjoy taking their time and exploring every aspect of the game may find that it takes longer to complete all of the missions, while those who focus solely on the main storyline may be able to finish more quickly.

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