List of all Locations in FNAF Security Breach

This guide for FNAF Security Breach provides a walkthrough of the game and a comprehensive list of all the locations that can be found in the game.

Below is a list of all the locations in FNAF Security Breach, including important locations and optional locations:

  • Important locations:
    • Main lobby
    • Daycare
    • Atrium
    • Security rooms
    • Parts and Service
    • Loading Docks
    • Prize Counter
    • Fazerblast
    • Monty\’s Gator Golf
    • Kitchen
    • Bonnie Bowl
    • Mazercise
    • Fazcade
    • Roxy Raceway
  • Optional locations:
    • Kid\’s Cove
    • Laundry
    • Rehearsal Space
    • Daycare Theater
    • Utility Tunnels

Important Locations

Important locations in FNAF Security Breach are areas where a significant part of the game occurs, or that you will need to return to regularly. Access to most of these locations requires the appropriate pass.

Main Lobby

The Main Lobby is where the game begins. This location is where the main exit is located, and you can access other areas of the complex from here.


Daycare is the second large location in the game. You can access it from the Main Lobby, and you will visit it frequently during the early stages of the game. The playground area of Daycare is where you will encounter the first boss of the game.


The Atrium is a vast, three-story area that provides access to all the attractions in the complex. However, you will not have access to every room immediately, and new paths will open as you progress through the game.

You will encounter S.T.A.F.F. bots and Roxanne Wolf in this location.

Security Rooms

The Security Rooms are safe areas where animatronics cannot enter. You will use these rooms to escape from enemy machines, but you will not stay in them for long.

Parts and Service

Parts and Service is a location where you can upgrade Freddy. You will visit this location during the quest of the same name, and you will return to upgrade your ally after defeating each animatronic.

You can access this location via the elevator in Roxy\’s room or the main stage in the Atrium.

Loading Docks

The Loading Docks are a location associated with one of the quests in the early stages of the game. You need Security Badge level 7 to unlock this location, which is a possible escape route from the complex.

Prize Counter

The Prize Counter is another potential escape route from the complex. You must choose between visiting this location or the Loading Docks, as you cannot visit both.


If your target is Chica, make your way to Fazerblast on the ground floor of the Atrium. Here, you can play a mini-game that involves capturing flags from \”aliens\”.

Monty\’s Gator Golf

One of the major locations accessible from the ground floor of the Atrium is Monty\’s Gator Golf. It\’s a large minigolf course that you\’ll have to visit if you\’ve decided to face Monty.


The Kitchen is located in the basement of the complex. You can enter it through an elevator behind the food dispensary in the Artium. Use the garbage compactor to decommission Chica.

Bonnie Bowl

Access Bonnie Bowl on the third floor of the Atrium with the Pass you found in Fazerblast\’s security room. You\’ll need to visit this attraction if you\’ve chosen to face Chica.


Mazercise is a moving maze on the third floor of the Atrium. You\’ll have to visit this location if you\’ve decided to face Monty.


Fazcade is a huge attraction with slot machines and DJ Music Man. It\’s also the place where you can repair broken machines. Visiting this area is mandatory as you\’ll need to do some repairing at some point.

Roxy Raceway

Roxy Raceway is a race track under renovation located on the second floor of the Atrium. You\’ll face Roxy here.

Optional locations

Optional locations don\’t play a major role in the story. You\’ll only visit them once, and some of them are purely optional.

Kid\’s Cove

Kid\’s Cove is a large pirate-themed playground next to Monty\’s Gator Golf.


Adjacent to the kitchen is the Laundry room, which you\’ll cross twice. It doesn\’t play any role in the story aside from that.

Resheral Space

Resheral Space is involved in one of the tasks. Here, you\’ll find a Backstage Pass that will allow you to activate the Atrium scene.

Daycare Theater

Daycare Theater is heavily guarded, and you\’ll face endoskeletons here. You must visit this location to get the Mazercise key.

Utility Tunnels

The Utility Tunnels are a network of underground tunnels that stretch under the complex. You\’ll encounter endoskeletons here as well.



What are the locations in FNAF SB?

The locations in FNAF SB are the Pizza Plex, the Roxy Raceway, the Fazbear Funtime Service, and the Montgomery Gator Golf. Each of these locations offers a unique experience for players to explore.


What is the Pizza Plex in FNAF SB?

The Pizza Plex is the main location in FNAF SB. It is a huge building that serves as a pizza restaurant and entertainment complex. Players can explore various areas of the Pizza Plex, including the kitchen, the arcade, and the animatronic showroom.


What is the Fazbear Funtime Service in FNAF SB?

The Fazbear Funtime Service is a location in FNAF SB where players can repair and maintain animatronics. It is a separate area within the Pizza Plex and is accessible through the service entrance. Players must complete various tasks to repair the animatronics and progress through the game.


What is the Montgomery Gator Golf in FNAF SB?

The Montgomery Gator Golf is a mini-golf course located within the Pizza Plex in FNAF SB. Players can play a round of mini-golf and also encounter animatronics in the area. It is a fun and unique addition to the game that adds to the overall experience of exploring the Pizza Plex.

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