List of all collectibles in Dead Space Remake

This guide compiles the most important secrets and finds in Dead Space Remake, including equipment item diagrams, RIG suits, Sign fragments, Peng treasure, text and audio logs, weapon upgrades, RIG logs, and new weapons.

Dead Space Remake has various types of secrets and collectibles, and this page contains a complete list of them to help you locate 100% of the available collectibles. We also provide the locations of where they are found, including weapons and their upgrades, item schematics, RIGs, Marker fragments, text logs, audio logs, and RIGLinks.

  • Collectibles from the story chapters
  • Categories of secrets and collectibles

Collectibles from the story chapters

  1. Chapter 1 – New Arrivals: equipment, RIGlinks, and logs.
  2. Chapter 2 – Intensive Care: weapon upgrades, schematics, and logs.
  3. Chapter 3 – Course Correction: new weapons, schematics, and logs.
  4. Chapter 4 – Obliteration Imminent: weapon upgrades, schematics, and various types of logs.
  5. Chapter 5 – Lethal Devotion: weapons, schematics, and 2 types of logs.
  6. Chapter 6 – Environmental Cataclysm: weapon upgrades, RIGlinks, and logs.
  7. Chapter 7 – Into The Void: Suit upgrades, RIGlinks, and logs.
  8. Chapter 8 – Search and Rescue: weapon upgrades, and audio and text logs.
  9. Chapter 9 – Dead on Arrival: schematics, and some text logs.
  10. Chapter 10: logs, RIG schematic, and a weapon upgrade.
  11. Chapter 11: Force Gun weapon upgrade and Peng\’s Treasure.
  12. Chapter 12 – final chapter: text logs.

Categories of secrets and collectibles

  1. Suits: upgrade Suit to higher levels (from level 2 to 6) for additional armor and inventory slots.
  2. Peng\’s Treasure: a unique collectible in Chapter 11 that can be sold for credits.
  3. Marker Fragments: 12 unique collectibles in NG+ playthroughs with potential effects on the ending.
  4. Schematics: 13 schematics throughout the chapters that unlock various items at shops.
  5. Weapon upgrades: 21 upgrades (3 per weapon) to fully upgrade all weapons.


What are the collectibles in Dead Space Remake?

In Dead Space Remake, there are a total of 61 collectibles that players can find. These collectibles are scattered throughout the game and are divided into three categories: logs, schematics, and power nodes. Logs are audio and text recordings that provide additional story and background information about the game\’s world. Schematics are blueprints that allow players to craft new weapons and upgrade existing ones. Power nodes are items that can be used to upgrade the game\’s suit and weapons.

Where can I find the collectibles in Dead Space Remake?

The collectibles in Dead Space Remake are hidden throughout the game\’s various levels and can be easy to miss. Some can be found in plain sight, while others require players to solve puzzles or explore hidden areas. To find all of the collectibles, players will need to thoroughly explore each level and pay close attention to the environment. It\’s also worth noting that some collectibles can only be obtained on certain difficulty levels, so players may need to replay the game multiple times to find them all.

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