List of all Chapters in Return to Monkey Island

Walkthrough for Return to Monkey Island

Return to Monkey Island is divided into different parts, also known as chapters. This guide lists all the chapters and their respective walkthrough pages.

This page of our Return to Monkey Island walkthrough provides a comprehensive list of all the parts or chapters in the game. We have arranged the walkthrough according to the parts, with each part having one or more solution pages. Additionally, we answer whether the game imposes a specific order for completing the parts.

  • List of all Parts and Chapters
  • Is there a specific order for completing the missions?

List of all Parts and Chapters

Prelude – An Unexpected Story Begins

  1. Prologue – This is an introductory adventure where the main characters, Boybrush and Chuckie, search for a Scurvydogs snack and find their parents.

Part 1 – A Friendly Place

  1. Meeting the Pirate Leaders – Guybrush Threepwood returns to Melee Island to form a crew and stop LeChuck. You need to talk to the Pirate Leaders to start your adventure.
  2. Getting the mop – This is the primary goal of the chapter. You need to solve puzzles to build a mop, including apologizing to Governor Carla and using the Mop Tree map in the forest.
  3. Get a disguise – Obtaining a disguise is the second main objective of the chapter. You can steal Jon Laney\’s Eyepatch and give it special properties with our walkthrough guide.

Part 2 – A Dangerous Journey

  1. Sail to Monkey Island – Guybrush must escape from LeChuck\’s ship, get a Flattened Skull, find an alternate route to Monkey Island, and steal a map from LeChuck\’s quarters.
  2. Get a unanimous vote – Our walkthrough explains how to convince 5 pirates to vote for you, including solving puzzles to find 5 items for the report and delivering Murray to the second ship.

Part 3 – Return to Monkey Island

  1. Follow LeChuck\’s map to the Secret – This page describes how to get to Monkey Island and follow LeChuck\’s map to the X mark. We have also included a map of Monkey Island with important locations.
  2. Learn LeChuck\’s secrets – Our walkthrough explains how to get a new disguise, infiltrate the undead pirate ship, and discover LeChuck\’s favorite food, theme song, and catchphrase.
  3. Decode the map – We have included locations of 7 skulls on Monkey Island. We also explain how to complete the ritual of reading the map\’s real secret and how to repair Guybrush\’s ship and return to Melee Island.

Part 4 – Things Get Complicated

  1. Acquire the 5 keys for the safe – This webpage provides information on the Secret\’s location on Melee Island, the rules for obtaining the Golden Keys, the process of acquiring the archipelago map, and the key locations.
  2. Widey\’s Golden Key – We offer guidance on obtaining the Golden Key of Widey Bones, an old lady who had it stolen by Iron Rose.
  3. Old Mrs. Smith Golden Key – Dedicated to Old Mrs. Smith\’s Golden Key, this page details how to obtain it with help from Locke Smith and the Judge of Brrr Muda Island.
  4. Bella Fisher\’s Golden Key – This section explains how to obtain the three items necessary to locate the Bella Fisher shipwreck: a flag from a quarantined ship, a flag from a museum, and a flag from the Cod\’s Wallop gift shop.
  5. Golden Key Brrr Muda Island – This page is for the Brrr Muda Golden Key, which requires finding the Ice Queen and winning three contests: Contest of Intelligence, Contest of Seriousness, and Contest of Heartiness.
  6. Golden Key Terror Island – Here, we provide instructions on obtaining a light source, successfully navigating the Maze, and obtaining the key by force from Herman.

Part 5 – Beneath the Monkey Head

  1. Finding LeChuck – The pursuit of LeChuck necessitates solving four puzzles. This section provides information on how to open the three Stone Doors and how to complete a major puzzle involving the Code Wheel.
  2. Opening the chest and ending – It is now time to open the chest containing the Secret of Monkey Island. We also reveal the possible endings (if there are any) and the additional content unlocked after completing the story.

Is the Order of Missions Mandatory?

You must start with the prologue (Prelude) and then proceed to Chapters 1-5 in the order specified by the developers. A message appears on the screen when a chapter begins.

Nevertheless, you have some flexibility while completing subsequent steps within a chapter, as there is no predetermined sequence of actions. You can have multiple mission objectives active and complete them in any order. However, you must clear all objectives from Guybrush\’s journal to advance the plot.



What is Return to Monkey Island: Chapters?

Return to Monkey Island: Chapters is a fan-made project that aims to continue the story of the popular video game series, Monkey Island. The project is divided into several chapters, each of which continues the story from where the last game left off. The game is developed by fans of the original Monkey Island games, and it features updated graphics, new puzzles, and a continuation of the storyline. The game is available to download for free online, and it has received positive reviews from fans of the series.


How many chapters are there in Return to Monkey Island?

Currently, there are three chapters in Return to Monkey Island. The first chapter, titled \”The Saga Begins,\” was released in 2015 and picks up where the last game in the original series, Escape from Monkey Island, left off. The second chapter, \”The Eye of the Monkey,\” was released in 2016 and continues the story of the first chapter. The third chapter, \”The Rise of the Pirate God,\” was released in 2018 and brings the story to a close. Each chapter features new puzzles, updated graphics, and a continuation of the witty humor that made the original series so popular.


Is Return to Monkey Island an official game?

No, Return to Monkey Island is not an official game. It is a fan-made project that was developed by a team of dedicated fans of the original Monkey Island games. While the game is not endorsed or supported by the original developers, it has received positive reviews from fans of the series. The game is available to download for free online, and it is a testament to the enduring popularity of the Monkey Island series and the creativity of its fans.

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