List of Additional Cheats for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt

This guide for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt includes a list of extra cheats that may not be as helpful as others, but can still come in handy.

For the most important cheats, please refer to the separate page.

  • Additional cheats for Geralt\’s skills
  • Additional cheats for changing weather
  • Additional cheats for card list (Gwent)

Additional Cheats for Geralt\’s Skills

The command \”learnskill(\’x\’)\” can be used to learn a specific skill, with \”x\” being replaced by the name of the skill from the list below:

Example: Using the command \”learnskill(\’alchemy_s1\’)\” will unlock the first alchemy skill.


alchemy_s1 – alchemy skill 1

alchemy_s2 – alchemy skill 2

alchemy_s3 – alchemy skill 3

alchemy_s4 – alchemy skill 4

alchemy_s5 – alchemy skill 5

alchemy_s6 – alchemy skill 6

alchemy_s7 – alchemy skill 7

alchemy_s8 – alchemy skill 8

alchemy_s9 – alchemy skill 9

alchemy_s10 – alchemy skill 10

alchemy_s11 – alchemy skill 11

alchemy_s12 – alchemy skill 12

alchemy_s13 – alchemy skill 13

alchemy_s14 – alchemy skill 14

alchemy_s15 – alchemy skill 15

alchemy_s16 – alchemy skill 16

alchemy_s17 – alchemy skill 17

alchemy_s18 – alchemy skill 18

alchemy_s19 – alchemy skill 19

magic_1 – magic skill 1

magic_2 – magic skill 2

magic_3 – magic skill 3

magic_4 – magic skill 4

magic_5 – magic skill 5

magic_s1 – magic skill slot 1

magic_s2 – magic skill slot 2

magic_s3 – magic skill slot 3

magic_s4 – magic skill slot 4

magic_s5 – magic skill slot 5

magic_s6 – magic skill slot 6

magic_s7 – magic skill slot 7

magic_s8 – magic skill slot 8

magic_s9 – magic skill slot 9

magic_s10 – magic skill slot 10

magic_s11 – magic skill slot 11

magic_s12 – magic skill slot 12

magic_s13 – magic skill slot 13

magic_s14 – magic skill slot 14

magic_s15 – magic skill slot 15

magic_s16 – magic skill slot 16

magic_s17 – magic skill slot 17

magic_s18 – magic skill slot 18

magic_s19 – magic skill slot 19

magic_s20 – magic skill slot 20

perk_1 – perk 1

perk_1_day_ability – perk 1 day ability

perk_1_night_ability – perk 1 night ability

perk_2 – perk 2

perk_3 – perk 3

perk_4 – perk 4

perk_5 – perk 5

perk_6 – perk 6

perk_7 – perk 7

perk_10 – perk 10

perk_11 – perk 11

perk_12 – perk 12

sword_2 – sword skill 2

sword_5 – sword skill 5

sword_s1 – sword skill slot 1

sword_s2 – sword skill slot 2

sword_s3 – sword skill slot 3

sword_s4 – sword skill slot 4

sword_s5 – sword skill slot 5

sword_s6 – sword skill slot 6

sword_s7 – sword skill slot 7

sword_s8 – sword skill slot 8

sword_s9 – sword skill slot 9

sword_s10 – sword skill slot 10

sword_s11 – sword skill slot 11

sword_s12 – sword skill slot 12

sword_s13 – sword skill slot 13

sword_s15 – sword skill slot 15

sword_s16 – sword skill slot 16

sword_s17 – sword skill slot 17

sword_s18 – sword skill slot 18

sword_s19 – sword skill slot 19

sword_s20 – sword skill slot 20

sword_s21 – sword skill slot 21


What are additional cheats in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

Additional cheats in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt are codes that can be entered into the game to unlock various features and abilities. These cheats can be used to make the game easier or more challenging, depending on the player\’s preference. Some of the cheats include the ability to add skill points, increase experience points, enable god mode, and more. These cheats can be entered by opening the console and typing in the specific code for the desired cheat. It\’s important to note that using cheats may disable certain achievements or trophies, so players should use them with caution.

How do I enable cheats in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

To enable cheats in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, players must first enable the console. This can be done by navigating to the game\’s directory on their computer and finding the \”general.ini\” file. Once the file is open, players must add the line \”DBGConsoleOn=true\” and save the changes. Then, while in game, players can press the \”~\” key to open the console and enter the desired cheat code. Some cheats may require additional commands to be entered, so players should consult a list of available cheats before attempting to use them.

Are additional cheats available on all platforms for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

No, additional cheats may not be available on all platforms for The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt. Cheats can be enabled on PC and some console versions of the game, but may not be available on all platforms or versions. Additionally, using cheats may be against the terms of use for some platforms, so players should check with the game\’s publisher before attempting to use cheats. It\’s also important to note that using cheats may affect the overall gameplay experience and may disable certain achievements or trophies, so players should use them with caution.

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