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This chapter contains a brief explanation of side quests in White Orchard, such as Missing in Action, Precious Cargo, On Death\’s Bed, and Twisted Firestarter.

This page in the guide to The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt provides a walkthrough for all side quests connected to White Orchard. The guide informs about finding an arsonist in White Orchard, locating a missing brother on the battlefield, helping a woman with a frying pan, discovering a box in the marshes, and assisting the herbalist Tomira.

  • Twisted Firestarter
  • Missing in Action
  • A Frying Pan, Spick and Span
  • Precious Cargo
  • On Death\’s Bed

Twisted Firestarter

Building where the firestarter is hiding

To start this quest, locate the blacksmith Willis (M1,2) in White Orchard Village and speak with him. He informs you that the place has been sabotaged and asks you to find the firestarter. Activate Witcher Senses and follow the red footprints near the blacksmith\’s house. The trail leads to Woesong Bridge, where you will discover another trail near the boat. After analyzing the trail, cross the bridge and locate shoes lying on the sand. The trail leads to one of the cabins in the village (M1,3). Examine the last footprint, enter the cabin, and find Napp hiding in the back. Observe his wound and initiate a conversation.

You have two choices: release Napp or capture him. If you choose the first option, return to Willis and tell him you haven\’t found the firestarter. If you decide to capture Napp, you can defeat him in a fistfight or use the Axii sign to control him and take him to the blacksmith\’s house. In both cases, Napp will be handed over to Nilfgaardians. Completing this quest awards you experience (75 points + 25 for using Axii sign) and 20 crowns (received from Napp or Willis). If you capture the firestarter, Willis will reduce his merchandise and service prices.

Missing in Action

Examine the corpses with blue shields and white flowers

You will learn about this quest from one of the notice boards in White Orchard. Go to Ransacked Village and meet with Dune Vildenvert (M1,4). Dune requests Geralt\’s help in searching for his brother Bastien, who participated in a recent battle. Accept the request and go to the battlefield. Explore the area and be prepared to fight small groups of ghouls. Look for the fallen warriors near whom you can find a blue shield with three white flowers painted on them.

You will eventually find a male corpse. After examining it, the dog will pick up a scent. Follow the dog to the forest (Witcher Senses will be helpful). The dog will lead you and Dune to a small cabin where you will find Bastien, who is wounded, and a Nilfgaardian deserter named Rhosyn. After listening to the conversation, you have two options: suggest leaving Rhosyn in that place or escort him to Bastien\’s home as a gesture of gratitude for saving his life. Completing this quest awards you experience (25 points).

A Clean Frying Pan

Location of the Silver Monocle

To start this quest, go to the fishing hut northwest of White Orchard Village (M1,13) and speak to the old woman outside. After listening to her story, use the Aard sign to break down the closed door. Then, use Witcher senses to examine the corpse under the window and find the silver monocle on the ground.

Head to the kitchen and take the burned papers from the stove. Open your inventory and try to read the message on the papers. Finally, grab the frying pan from the kitchen table. Return to the old woman and give her the frying pan (10 experience points) in exchange for food.

Precious Cargo

Location of the Cargo

You can activate this quest by meeting the Merchant on the road south of the Nilfgaardian Camp (M1,14). He will ask Geralt to find a small box. Use Witcher senses to follow the trail of the cart northwest, being careful of drowners. Eventually, you will come across the attacked cart and the horse with an arrow in its body, as well as corpses of men by a tree. Finally, find the locked strongbox.

You can either attack the merchant during the chase or deal with him after he reaches his friends

Return to the merchant. There are three main endings to this quest:

  1. The first option is to ignore the attack trails and give the cargo to the man. You will receive 25 experience points and 20 crowns.
  2. The second option is to accuse the talker of lying, causing him to run away. Quickly jump on your horse and follow him. If you\’re fast enough, you can attack him and throw him off his horse. If not, he will reach a bandit camp and you will have to defeat him and his group (3-4 level, watch out for archers!). In both cases, you can choose to give the merchant to the Nilfgaardians (10 xp, 30 crowns), release him (10 xp, 50 crowns), or let him go in exchange for his herbals (10 xp, 50 crowns, 5 celandines).
  3. The third option is similar to the second, but instead of giving him a chance to surrender, you can kill the merchant with your strong attacks. You will receive experience and celandines if you examine his body.

On Death\’s Bed

You can activate this quest by visiting herbalist Tomira in her hut east of the Sawmill (M1,16). It\’s best to start this quest while completing the main quest Beast of White Orchard.

During the conversation, you will learn about Lena, who was seriously injured during a griffin attack. You can offer to make a mixture that will reduce her suffering. This mixture is called Swallow. Go to the alchemy window and find the correct potion (shown in the picture above). To make the mixture, you will need 1 dwarven spirit, 5 celandines, and 1 drowner brain. The first two ingredients can be found while exploring the game world or purchased from local merchants. The drowner brain can be obtained by defeating one of the water monsters and looting its body.

Once you have gathered all the necessary components, prepare the concoction and bring it back to Tomira. Your reward for completing this task will be 350 experience points, 50 crowns, 2 vials of venom extract, a manuscript page detailing the Cursed Oil recipe, a torn-out page with instructions for making the Noonwraith Decoction, and a book titled \”Of Sweat and Blood\” that will introduce you to previously unknown creatures.


1. What are the side quests in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt is a massive open-world game with numerous side quests that players can engage in. These side quests are not mandatory to complete the game\’s main story, but they add depth to the game\’s world and provide players with additional content to explore. Some of the side quests in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt include \”A Towerful of Mice,\” \”The Lord of Undvik,\” \”The Volunteer,\” and \”The Last Wish.\” Each side quest has its own unique storyline and rewards for completion.

2. How can I complete a side quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt?

To complete a side quest in The Witcher 3 Wild Hunt, players must first find the quest giver and accept the quest. The quest giver can be found in various locations throughout the game\’s world. Once the quest is accepted, players must complete the objectives outlined in the quest description. These objectives can range from collecting items to defeating enemies. Once all objectives are completed, players can return to the quest giver to receive their rewards. Some side quests have multiple outcomes depending on the player\’s choices during the quest, so it\’s essential to pay attention to the quest\’s dialogue and choose wisely.

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