Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter – step-by-step guide

This is a guide for Life is Strange 3 that will walk you through the tasks and objectives you need to complete in stage 4 of the game. You will spend the last day of the year with Steph and enjoy the winter festivities.

On this page, you will find a detailed description of the tasks you need to perform in stage 4 of Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths. It\’s the last day of the year and you will spend it with your friends, exchange gifts, and have fun.

  • Radio
  • Dating app
  • Ads and sponsors
  • Own song
  • Table Football
  • Calls from listeners
  • Gift from friends
  • Ending


The final chapter of Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths takes place on the last day of the year, in the winter, surrounded by Christmas decorations. You will meet Steph and start your day with a call from Gabe, who will talk about a woman you met in the base game. After the conversation, you will have several tasks to complete.

Dating app

You will need to check your dating app and review the available profiles. This time, you won\’t be interested in any of the women, but you can still talk to the ones you\’ve met before. Steph will express her dislike for the app, but you won\’t be able to remove it.

Ads and sponsors

As usual, start your day with information about sponsors. Take a look at the ads and read through them to complete the task.

Own song

You will visit the warehouse and listen to a song recorded by Steph. Then, you will decide what to do next. Your decision won\’t have any significant consequences.

Table Football

You will play a game of table football. The scoreboard is located near the door to the warehouse.

Calls from listeners

You will head to the radio station to answer calls from listeners. The conversations will be similar to the ones you had before, and you will need to choose the right dialogue options. You need to pick up two phones to complete the task.

Gift from friends

You will need to find seven hints to discover your gift. The first hint is located on the doormat at the entrance to the store.

There are several hints scattered throughout the game, and this guide will help you find them all. The second hint is located on a white dresser to the left of the front door. The third hint is in a separate room behind the drums, where you will find a card. The fourth hint is stuck in a pink lamp on a little lost shelf next to the door to the radio station. The fifth hint can be found among the vinyl records next to the \”rap\” section. The sixth hint is hidden under one of the pieces of equipment in the radio station, while the seventh hint is under the cat flap at the entrance to the warehouse. To find your gift, look on the wooden shelf on the top shelf, where you can also read a letter from friends. When you are finished exploring, grab the champagne on the white shelf to end the game. Keep in mind that there is no summary of your choices in this episode.


What is Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter?

Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter is a DLC (Downloadable Content) for the popular video game Life is Strange True Colors. It is an additional episode that continues the story of the game and takes place during the winter season. The DLC follows the character Steph as she DJs at a local radio station and interacts with the residents of Haven Springs.

What is the gameplay like in Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter?

The gameplay in Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter is similar to the main game. It is a narrative-driven game that focuses on storytelling and decision-making. The player controls Steph as she DJs and interacts with other characters in the game. The choices the player makes throughout the DLC will impact the story and the relationships between the characters.

How long is the gameplay in Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter?

The length of the gameplay in Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter depends on the player\’s playstyle. On average, it takes around 2-3 hours to complete the DLC. However, if the player takes their time to explore and make different choices, it can take longer. The DLC is a self-contained story and can be played separately from the main game.

Is Life is Strange True Colors Wavelengths: Winter worth playing?

If you enjoyed the main game, Life is Strange True Colors, then Wavelengths: Winter is definitely worth playing. It offers a new perspective on the story and characters and allows the player to experience more of the world of Haven Springs. The DLC has received positive reviews from players and critics alike and is a great addition to the Life is Strange series.

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