Life is Strange True Colors: Pendrive – Step by Step Guide

This is a walkthrough guide for Life is Strange 3. In this page, we will discuss a step by step guide to complete the 5 parts of Chapter 3, which includes a conversation with Steph and Ryan and a file search.

In this page, we will guide you through Part 5 of Episode 3, which is to search the files.

  • Talking to Friends
  • Files

Talking to Friends

As you reach the apartment, you will see your friends are there with a laptop containing a conversation from the night which started everything. Listen to the conversation to move forward with the story. You can examine everything before proceeding.

If you removed Charlotte\’s anger, Alex will burst, and Steph will leave, and Ryan will follow her. If you didn\’t remove her anger, your friends will stay with you.


The task is to go through the files. It\’s an easy task. First, listen to the conversation with the date 4/28 8: 41p.

Then go to the mail and open the second message sent on 4/28.

The final task of this episode is to look at the files and select \”RheaSchematic\”. Alex will connect all the dots, and the chapter ends, leading to the 4th episode.


What is Pendrive in Life is Strange True Colors?

Pendrive is an important item in the game Life is Strange True Colors. It is a USB flash drive that contains important information about the Haven Springs mine accident. The protagonist, Alex, receives the pendrive from her brother\’s friend, Steph, who works at the local record store. The pendrive becomes a key piece of evidence in Alex\’s investigation of her brother\’s death and the cover-up by the mining company. Alex must use her powers of empathy to uncover the truth behind the accident and the mysterious power that caused it. The pendrive is an essential tool in Alex\’s quest for justice.

How do I find the Pendrive in Life is Strange True Colors?

To find the Pendrive in Life is Strange True Colors, you must progress through the main story until you reach Chapter 3. In this chapter, you will visit the record store where Steph works. After talking to Steph and browsing the store, she will offer to give you the Pendrive as a gift. Accept the gift to receive the Pendrive and add it to your inventory. You can then use the Pendrive to access important information about the mine accident and further your investigation of your brother\’s death. Keep in mind that your choices and interactions with characters throughout the game can affect the outcome of the story, so use the Pendrive wisely and make strategic decisions to uncover the truth.

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