Life is Strange True Colors: Jed – Step-by-Step Guide

This is a step-by-step guide for Life is Strange 3. In this guide, we will be looking at Part 4 of Chapter 4, where you meet Jed and uncover what is happening in the city.

In Part 4 of Episode 4, you will meet Jed and discover who is behind the recent chaos. This guide will provide you with a detailed walkthrough of this section of the game.

After returning from the station, you will find a letter from Jed requesting to meet with you.

Before meeting Jed, you will have some time to explore your apartment, check out various items, and even visit the roof. However, you must change your outfit before meeting him. Alex will select the outfit on her own, so you have no choice in the matter.

Once you are ready, you can head to the door.

When you meet Jed, he will be delighted to talk to you and find out what you have discovered about your brother\’s death and your recent visit to the police station.

You can choose to be honest with him, play it cool, or simply have a drink. Alex trusts him, and she will gladly share what she has discovered.

Jed will take you to a place where you will learn the truth. This sequence cannot be skipped and is unrelated to any choices or relationships in the game.


1. Who is Jed in Life is Strange True Colors?

Jed is one of the characters in Life is Strange True Colors. He is the owner of the Black Lantern bar, which is located in Haven Springs, the main setting of the game. He is also one of the people who knew Alex\’s brother, Gabe, who died before the events of the game. Jed is presented as a friendly and supportive character, and he offers Alex a job at the bar shortly after she arrives in Haven Springs.

2. What role does Jed play in the game?

Jed plays an important role in Life is Strange True Colors. He is one of the characters who helps Alex throughout the game, especially in her investigation into Gabe\’s death. He is also a source of information about the town and its residents, and he provides Alex with insight into Gabe\’s life and personality. Jed\’s bar is also a frequent location in the game, and Alex can interact with various characters there.

3. Are there any secrets or hidden agendas that Jed has in the game?

There are some hints that Jed may have a hidden agenda in Life is Strange True Colors. Alex discovers that Jed is involved in some shady business dealings, and he may be using his bar as a front for illegal activities. However, it is not clear whether Jed is directly involved in Gabe\’s death, and his true intentions are not revealed until the end of the game.

4. How does the player interact with Jed in the game?

The player can interact with Jed in various ways in Life is Strange True Colors. Alex can talk to him at the bar, ask him for information, and even play a game of darts with him. The player\’s choices in these interactions can affect Alex\’s relationship with Jed and the outcome of the game\’s story. Additionally, the player can choose whether to trust Jed or not, which can lead to different consequences later in the game.

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