Life is Strange True Colors: Festival – Walkthrough

A walkthrough for Life is Strange 3

This page of the Life is Strange True Colors guide provides a walkthrough for the second part of Chapter 4, where you attend a festival and hang out with friends.

Here, you will interact with the locals, enjoy the festivities, and even go on a romantic rendezvous on the roof. This page covers Part 2 of Episode 4.

  • Getting to the festival
  • Rose
  • Concert
  • Charlotte
  • Meeting on the roof

Getting to the Festival

After leaving the apartment, head straight to the festival grounds. There are various attractions and side missions, as well as plenty of people to converse with. Alternatively, you can explore the rest of the city if you prefer.

You can also encounter a few individuals at the festival with whom you can read their minds. A cheerful woman is sitting by the fire, and you can join her for some peaceful downtime.

Eleanor and Mac are also in the vicinity, and it\’s worth chatting with them to learn more about their current state of mind and activities.


If you want to strengthen your relationship with Ryan or Steph, you can obtain a yellow rose.

You can give the rose to Ryan, who can be found near the stage.

Alternatively, if you give the rose to Steph, she can be found at a portable radio station, where she\’s enjoying some music. Interrupt her if you wish to give her the rose.


Once you\’re ready, speak to Ryan to initiate a long cut-scene.

A surprise has been prepared for Alex by her friends. You\’ll be tasked with performing a concert, and Steph will be willing to accompany you.

Don\’t hesitate to get lost in the music.


The final stage involves a conversation with Charlotte, which will differ depending on your decision in Chapter 3. If you managed to dispel her anger, she\’ll be perplexed, while if you left her alone, she\’ll apologize for her actions.

Meeting on the Roof

To rendezvous with Ryan/Steph, go to the bar and then ascend to the roof.

On the roof, you\’ll encounter the person to whom you gave the rose, and they\’ll want to ask you something.

Steph will propose a trip together, and you can choose among the following destinations:

  1. Salem,
  2. Berlin,
  3. Ocean.

Although she won\’t insist on going, she wants to escape with you.

Ryan, on the other hand, wishes to stay in town and suggests a business venture. You have a choice:

  1. A store that sells vinyl records,
  2. A place to have a drink and socialize.

You have the option to either hug or kiss your significant other in both situations. Regardless of the choice, you will end up meeting someone on the roof. If you choose to hug your chosen person, your relationship will remain the same.

After embracing or kissing, your partner will depart and you will be left alone to ponder your thoughts.


What is Life is Strange True Colors: Festival?

Life is Strange True Colors: Festival is a DLC (downloadable content) for the game Life is Strange True Colors. It is a special episode that takes place after the main game and includes new content and storylines. The festival takes place in Haven Springs, and the player takes on the role of Alex Chen, the main character, as she navigates the festival and its various activities. The festival includes new characters, music, and mini-games to play, and players will have the opportunity to make choices that will impact the story.

What is the walkthrough for Life is Strange True Colors: Festival?

A walkthrough for Life is Strange True Colors: Festival is a guide that helps players navigate the festival and make choices that will impact the story. It includes step-by-step instructions on how to complete each activity and mini-game, as well as tips on how to make the best choices for the story. A good walkthrough will also include information on how to unlock all the achievements and collectibles in the DLC. It is a useful tool for players who want to get the most out of their experience with the game and ensure they don\’t miss any important content or storylines.

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