Life is Strange True Colors: An Apartment Visit – Walkthrough

This is a walkthrough guide for Life is Strange 3.

In this part of the Life is Strange True Colors guide, you will be taken through the first chapter, which is divided into four parts. These parts include changing your outfit, unpacking, and exploring your apartment.

On this page, you will find a detailed description of the first part of the game, which takes place in your brother\’s apartment. Here, you will have the opportunity to change your clothes, unpack, and explore the apartment.

  • Changing Clothes
  • Desk
  • Unpacking the Bag

Changing Clothes

After your brother leaves, Alex will head to the bathroom. Here, she\’ll try to calm herself down despite the tears that will be streaming down her face. After a while, she will return to the room.

Your task is to unpack the entire bag. However, if you want to explore the apartment further, you may choose to leave the bag unpacked. Note that you only have access to this floor, although the stairs may be tempting.

Head towards the dresser, located on the left side of the bed.

You will be presented with several outfits to choose from, and Alex will immediately change into one of them.


As you explore further, you will come across a desk. Here, you will find some documents.

In the drawer, you will find information about Alex and her life.

On the desk lies a letter from Riley. Examining it will bring up a lot of emotions. You can find more information about it on a separate page of this guide.

Unpacking the Bag

Begin by unpacking Shu-shu, Alex\’s beloved mascot. When she takes it out, she\’ll place it on the bed.

The next item is Ethan\’s comic book. Take a closer look at it, as you will need it in the next part of the game, which is still in this episode.

Next, Alex will place letters from friends on the desk. You can read them to gain a better understanding of what has happened to the main character in recent times.

Following that will be a picture, which Alex will place next to her brother\’s picture. It\’s a picture of their parents.

The last item you will unpack is a diary. You can access it from the menu. Alex will feel that this is enough for now and that she\’ll unpack the rest later.

This stage will come to an end after Alex plays the guitar. After the song, she will head to the door, and you will begin the next stage of the game.


1. What is the purpose of visiting the apartment in Life is Strange True Colors?

Visiting the apartment in Life is Strange True Colors is an important part of the game\’s story. The protagonist, Alex Chen, is searching for clues to uncover the truth about her brother\’s death. The apartment belonged to her brother, Gabe, and Alex believes that there may be some evidence there that could help her figure out what happened. In addition to searching for clues, Alex also takes the opportunity to reflect on her relationship with her brother and the memories they shared in the apartment.

2. What should I look out for when exploring the apartment?

When exploring the apartment in Life is Strange True Colors, it\’s important to pay attention to the details. There are several items scattered throughout the apartment that provide clues to Gabe\’s life and the events leading up to his death. These can include notes, photos, and objects that have sentimental value to Gabe. It\’s also important to interact with the different characters who are present in the apartment, as they may have information that could help Alex in her search for the truth.

3. How does visiting the apartment impact the overall story of the game?

Visiting the apartment in Life is Strange True Colors is a pivotal moment in the game\’s story. It provides Alex with important information that helps her piece together the events leading up to her brother\’s death. It also allows her to confront some of the emotions and memories that she has been carrying with her since Gabe\’s passing. In addition to advancing the main plot, the apartment scene also helps to develop Alex\’s character and deepen her relationships with the other characters in the game.

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