Lessons 6-10

This is a guide and walkthrough for GTA 5.

Formation Flight

Stay in the green marker as long as possible.

This is the most difficult lesson. You may need to do it a few times to get the gold medal. Fly at full speed and don\’t slow down, even when you\’re doing a loop. Using the camera that is farthest from the plane may be helpful.

Shooting Range

Use the camera inside the vehicle for better aim.

Use the Buzzard helicopter to shoot the targets. Only the first attempt has a training lesson. Shoot 25 targets with the helicopter\’s machine gun to get the gold medal.

Tips: Don\’t change the angle of the helicopter. Move up and down while turning left and right. Skip the crane target. You can also use the camera from inside the helicopter.

Ground Level

Be cautious at the end with the windmills.

Stay as close to the ground as possible. This is a challenging task. These tips should help you get the gold medal or complete the lesson if you\’re not an expert pilot.


  • Don\’t use the acceleration and braking buttons.
  • Don\’t tilt the plane. Use only your tail for turning. You can adjust the angle only at the end and in the canyon.
  • If the plane tilts, adjust its angle immediately.
  • Slide out the undercarriage. This will slightly reduce your speed and make turning a bit harder.
  • You don\’t have to go through every target. It will lower your final score, but in some cases, you can skip some of them (when flying very low and with a particular rating).

Collect Flags

Don\’t worry about time if you\’re aiming for bronze.

This is another difficult lesson that requires strategy and skill. You need to collect 30 points by flying through targets in a particular order. A helpful tip is to fly in big circles at first and then gradually narrow them. Avoid sharp turns and maneuvers, as they will decrease your speed and cause you to crash.

Map of the targets.

The targets are marked on the map. After some practice, you can draw the line of your flight, which may be helpful later on.

Follow Leader

Perform maneuvers in the marked spots.

This is the last lesson. Follow the leader. To get the gold medal, you can make only 2-3 mistakes. Follow the leader through the markers and perform the specific maneuvers depending on the color of the marker (inversion/flying sideways – blue and green). Performing the tricks will take 2 seconds off your time. The penalty for not performing the tricks is an additional 5 seconds added to your time.


1. What are the main topics covered in lessons 6-10?

In lessons 6-10, the main topics covered include grammar, vocabulary, reading, and speaking. During these lessons, students will learn how to use the present perfect tense, phrasal verbs, and idiomatic expressions. They will also expand their vocabulary by learning new words related to travel, food, and daily routines. Students will practice their reading comprehension skills by reading texts on a variety of topics, such as culture and history. In addition, they will work on their speaking skills by participating in discussions and presenting their own ideas.

2. What are some of the challenges students may face in lessons 6-10?

Some challenges that students may face in lessons 6-10 include understanding the proper usage of the present perfect tense, memorizing new vocabulary words, and comprehending complex reading texts. Additionally, some students may struggle with speaking in front of others or expressing their ideas fluently in English. However, these challenges can be overcome with practice and perseverance. Students are encouraged to ask questions and seek help from their teacher or classmates if they are having difficulty with any of the material.

3. How can students make the most out of lessons 6-10?

To make the most out of lessons 6-10, students should actively participate in class discussions and activities. They should also take notes on new vocabulary words and grammar rules, and review them regularly. Additionally, students can practice their reading and comprehension skills by reading books, articles, and other materials in English. They should also practice their speaking skills by speaking with native speakers or other English learners. Finally, students should not be afraid to make mistakes and learn from them. By putting in effort and staying motivated, students can make significant progress in their English language skills.

4. What resources are available to help students with lessons 6-10?

There are many resources available to help students with lessons 6-10. These may include textbooks, online resources, and tutoring services. Students can also seek help from their teacher or classmates if they are struggling with any of the material. Additionally, there are many language exchange programs and conversation clubs that students can join to practice their speaking skills with native speakers. Finally, students can use language learning apps or software to supplement their learning and practice their skills outside of class.

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