LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4: Year 3 Part 2 – Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough for LEGO Harry Potter 1-4.

Mischief Managed

To obtain the first key, use the small torch (WL) held by the statue on the left to release the Devil\’s Snare holding it. Use some bricks from the wardrobe on the right to assemble an armour (WL) #2, which will be holding a chest. Use magic to open the chest and get the second key.

Insert both keys (WL) into the appropriate holes – the red key in the red hole and the yellow key in the yellow hole #1. Turn one key and the second character will automatically turn the other #2. Proceed to the next room.

Switch to Ron and open the chest on the right, then defeat the Boggart that emerges (RK) #1. Use magic to open the wardrobe and assemble a cauldron (WL) from the bricks #2.

Place three bricks in the middle of the room (WL) in the order they appear on the floor – green, red, then blue #1. Inside the resulting structure, use magic on the skeleton to obtain the first potion ingredient #2.

Eliminate the hammer-wielding pixie (IM) in the right corner of the room, then use magic on the chest to release a snake. Use the hammer (WL) to strike the snake and obtain the next ingredient #1. Use magic on the rolled-up flag to the left of the entrance to obtain another ingredient #2.

Drink the Strengthening Potion and pull the chain in the middle #1. Move the large boulder (WL) to the left column #2 to open the gate.

Clear away the Devil\’s Snare (LS) surrounding the cauldron #1. Use the shovel on the right (WL) to dig up the plant, then use magic to obtain a potion ingredient #2.

As Ron, defeat the Boggart (RK) emerging from the chest on the left #1. Switch back to Harry and speak with the snake to receive some bricks. Use the bricks to create a platform (WL) #2, which will allow you to obtain the next ingredient by using magic.

The walkthrough begins with destroying four statues by the fountain on the right and assembling a valve to fill up the fountain. Once the plants grow up, jump upstairs and get ingredient #2 from the room. Drink the invisibility potion and sneak past the teacher to open the gate. Use magic on the silver chests to get some blocks. Assemble the bricks to create a cello and play on it to get a key to open the door.

In Hogwarts, head to the 2nd Defense Against the Dark Arts Classroom with Nearly Headless Nick and learn the Expecto Patronum spell to destroy Dementors. Destroy five Dementors using the spell and use Reducto on the chests lying on the ground. Use magic on the wardrobe to get some bricks and assemble a camera. Attack the wizard to get another chest. Chase away the Devil\’s Snare and disarm the last chest to get the last Dementor.

In The Shrieking Shack, avoid Whomping Willow\’s attacks and attack its tentacles once it attacks the central field with its hand. Repeat this action three times to unlock a passage to the underground. Create a bridge from the Devil\’s Snare and attack the brown vines on the ceiling.

The walkthrough contains several images of the game along with instructions on how to proceed. To begin with, players need to create a staircase by using magic on the flower to the left after the green orb falls down. They can then destroy the blockade on the vines and move forward. There are several other blockades that players need to destroy to progress further. Additionally, they need to catch Wormtail and assemble a giant rat-trap using the gained bricks. Players also need to use Crookshanks to dig up the cauldron and shoot off the head of the snake skeleton to gain an ingredient. Finally, they need to drink the Strengthening Potion and pull the chain by the two yellow platforms before moving on. The walkthrough also includes instructions on how to reach Hogwarts and follow Nearly Headless Nick to the Hospital Wing from the Fountain Courtyard.

The Dementor\’s Kiss

To start the mission, go to the left side of the garden and put on the earmuffs. Take the Mandrake and place it in pot #1. Once a dangerous plant emerges, use wand #2 to defeat it.

A barrel will roll over and a fish will fall out. Give it to Buckbeak (WL) #1. Build a small grill from the bricks and cook a piece of chicken #2, then give it to the imprisoned creature (WL).

Cut the chain with the axe #1. In the forest, eliminate the hornet and the nest. Go right to the nook and use (IM) #2 to get rid of the pixies holding the round bricks. Use the bricks to create a cloud (WL) and fill the dried out pond with water.

Jump upstairs and head left to chase away the Devil\’s Snare with (LS) and free the gramophone #1. Assemble the gramophone (WL) and return to the second pond. Use (WL) to draw the hook out of the water and use normal magic to pull out a chest #2.

Open the chest and take out a yellow vinyl record. Jump between the leaves and return to the gramophone. Place the record on it #1 and you will be transported to a frozen pond in the woods. Shoot the colourful leaves on the left and use (WL) to create a bridge #2.

Cross the bridge and eliminate the Devil\’s Snare with (LS) #1. A giant snowball will destroy the iceberg and six Dementors will appear. Use (EP) #2 to defeat them.


Start at the Grassy Courtyard (M3.34) #1 and mount Buckbeak to begin the next mission #2.

The Dark Tower

As Harry, go right and defeat the first Dementor with (EP) #1. Use magic to get an axe from the gold chest and break the ice (WL) #2. Break through the Devil\’s Snare with (LS) and defeat the Dementor using (EP) #1. Melt the ice around the frozen lamp with (WL) and water (WL) the nearby flowers with the filled barrel #2.

The walkthrough guides players through various rooms and obstacles in order to progress through the level. Using magic to rotate flowers and creating whirls to ascend, eliminating Dementors with (EP), and assembling planks (WL) to create passages are some of the tasks that need to be completed. Cutting off branches (WL), breaking windows (WL), and defeating the boss fight with Dementors (EP) are also required to advance. The walkthrough provides detailed instructions for each step, including which characters to use and which items to interact with.

The player will encounter the boss after leaving the tower and will be pulled towards the boss. The player can use (WL) #1 to save themselves and attack the boss with the plunger found in one of the barrels. Use magic #2 on the stunned boss. In the next area, freeze the barrels and use magic on the nearby statues to melt the ice #1. Keep fighting off the Dementors with (EP). Empty the barrels with (WL) after melting the ice and use (WL) to hit the boss with the plunger when he pulls the player in. Repeat this action three times #2.


1. How do I get past the Whomping Willow in Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter?

In Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter, you\’ll need to get past the Whomping Willow in order to progress. First, head to the left of the tree and use Hermione\’s cat form to climb up the tree. Once you\’re at the top, use the nearby broomstick to fly across to the other side of the tree. There, you\’ll find a lever that, when pulled, will calm the Whomping Willow and allow you to cross.

2. What do I do with the Mandrake in Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter?

In Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter, you\’ll come across a Mandrake that needs to be taken to Professor Sprout. First, use Hermione\’s cat form to climb up the nearby tree and retrieve a basket. Then, use the basket to pick up the Mandrake and carry it to Professor Sprout. Be careful though, as the Mandrake\’s cry can stun you and cause you to drop the basket.

3. How do I defeat the Dementors in Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter?

In Year 3 Part 2 of LEGO Harry Potter, you\’ll face off against Dementors. To defeat them, you\’ll need to use Expecto Patronum. First, build the nearby LEGO pieces into a Patronus platform. Then, use a character with the Expecto Patronum spell to stand on the platform and cast the spell. This will create a Patronus that can defeat the Dementors. Keep in mind that you\’ll need to defeat multiple waves of Dementors to progress.

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