LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4: Gringotts Bonuses – Walkthrough

This guide provides a walkthrough for LEGO Harry Potter 1-4.

Become a Builder

Part 1

Eliminate all five balloons by approaching each one, pressing [H], and selecting the red cross #1. For balloons that are out of reach, hold the button down longer to aim at the object #2.

Approach the tree, press [J], and choose the copy option. Plant the new tree next to #1. Repeat this process with five trees. Test the level by selecting it from the menu or holding down [K]. You must collect 2,000 studs, which cannot be achieved with just trees. Return to build mode, press [K], choose studs, place two blue ones anywhere, and choose test mode. Collect both coins to get the required 2,000 and enter the opened cabin #2.

Part 2

Use [J] to raise the water level and [H] to lower it. Your goal is to shape the terrain so that all fish are in the water #1 and all cats are on land #2.

Part 3

Open the [K] menu and choose a vehicle. Place at least one vehicle in each of the four depressions #1. Switch to test mode, enter each vehicle, and ride onto the pressure platforms #2 to light up the bulbs.

Part 4

First, finish the road by placing four appropriate parts. From the [K] menu, select a suitable plate #1 and place it in the empty space. If the plate is facing the wrong direction, use [H] to turn it while standing in the middle. Finally, enter test mode and ride to the pressure platform on the other side #2 (you don\’t have to follow the road).

Bonus Level 1

Your goal is to collect 100,000 studs. You can gather them on foot #1 or by driving one of the vehicles #2 and running over everything in your path. The latter option is faster. In the field area, you will also find violet studs that give you 10,000. After collecting enough, head to the upper part of the level, where you will find a Gold Brick behind the previously locked gate.

Bonus Level 2

Your objective is to help Ron reach you. Stand on the buttons #1 starting from the right side. The platforms will start moving, and Ron will be able to jump onto the further islands. Once he reaches you, switch to Ron and use Scabbers. Enter the tunnel and press the button at the end #2.

The first set of instructions involve opening a gate and stepping on the buttons to reach Gold Brick #2. In Bonus level 3, the player must collect ingredients for a potion and then drink it to pull a chain and reach the Gold Brick. In Bonus level 4, the player must use Scabbers to enter a tunnel and collect ingredients for another potion, which will lead to the Gold Brick. In Bonus level 5, the player must use Scabbers again to cross a tunnel and stand on buttons with the second character to collect the Gold Brick.

The next tunnel is blocked in the middle, so switch to Hagrid and pull chain #1. Then switch back to Scabbers and go to the end of the tunnel. Stand on the button and wait for the other character to stand on the second one. You will reach a cauldron, where you must collect all the ingredients found on the pillars #2.

After creating the potion, drink the Polyjuice Potion and choose one of the Ravenclaw students. Return to the beginning of the location and wave by the gate #1. Behind it, you will find a wardrobe with earmuffs to put on. Pick up the mandrake and take it to the end of the tunnel, where you can destroy the glass window blocking the pipe. Switch to Ron and use Scabbers to get to the brick #2.

In Bonus level 6, be cautious of the quicksand surrounding you. Lower the first platform by approaching the crank on the left and jumping to the left to chase away the Devil\’s Snare using (LS) #1. Find the teleport in the corner to transport you to a different spot. Lower the second platform by turning crank #2.

Use Scabbers to get through the tunnel to the other side and stand on one of the buttons #1. The other character will stand on the other one, opening the door. The crank by the gate opens it, and the one inside turns the quicksand into water #2.

To get the first potion ingredient, find it in front of the gate. Cross the narrow passage behind the tunnel #1 to get the second ingredient. Jump into the water and swim to the right to find another teleport #2. Chase away the Devil\’s Snare using (LS) #1, turn the crank to lower another platform, and take the last potion ingredient #2.

Switch to the second character, jump onto the lowered platform, and turn the crank #1. Place the last ingredient into the cauldron with Ron and collect the Gold Brick by waving at the gate as one of the Slytherin students #2.

In Bonus level 7, eliminate the Dementor (EP) with Harry, get rid of the Devil\’s Snare (LS) #1, and turn the crank to unlock the passage in the tunnel. Enter the tunnel with Scabbers as Ron and activate the platform #2.

The walkthrough guide provides instructions on how to complete the Harry Potter and the Chamber of Secrets game. The guide includes images of each level and step-by-step directions on how to complete each task. The guide also includes bonus levels, which require players to defeat Dementors and use potions. The guide instructs players to switch between characters and use their unique abilities to progress through the game. Overall, the guide is a helpful resource for players who want to complete the game fully.

The level requires you to switch to Ron and use Scabbers to enter the tunnel. At the end of the tunnel, you will find a button that opens the door leading to a platform where you can acquire another ingredient. There are three colorful bricks on the right, which you must arrange in the shape of an \”E.\” Moving forward, you will find a wardrobe where you can put on earmuffs and grab the Mandrake. Break the window to find the next ingredient. After completing the Aging Potion, drink it, and go through the barrier to reach the cauldron.

In the bonus level 10, you will find the first ingredient next to the cauldron. Jump across the moving platforms and use Scabbers to press the button at the end of the tunnel. Put on earmuffs in the wardrobe on the right, pick up the Mandrake, and break the right window to find another ingredient. Construct a bridge from the bricks on the right, go up, destroy the spider, and move the platform onto the brick on the right to get the next ingredient.

Drink the Strengthening Potion and pull the chain by the door on the right. Chase away the Devil\’s Snare and fly through four circles to open the door at the end. Create a staircase from the bricks, and one of the ingredients is on the pillar. Jump onto the bench, and the second character will lift you into the air to collect the second ingredient. Destroy the tree on the left to find another ingredient of the Polyjuice Potion. Use different students from each house behind the paintings and walls to get the Aging Potion ingredients. Drink the potion and go through the barrier to get the brick.


1. What are Gringott\’s Bonuses in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4?

Gringott\’s Bonuses are hidden collectibles in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 that can be found throughout the levels of the game. There are a total of 24 bonuses to collect, and each one is represented by a small golden brick. These bonuses are hidden in various locations throughout the game and can be found by exploring the levels thoroughly. Once you collect all 24 Gringott\’s Bonuses, you will unlock a secret level called \”Gringott\’s Vault\”. This level is a challenging bonus level that can be completed for additional rewards.

2. How do I find the Gringott\’s Bonuses in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4?

There are a few ways to find the Gringott\’s Bonuses in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4. One way is to explore each level thoroughly and keep an eye out for any hidden areas or objects. You can also use spells and abilities to reveal hidden areas or objects. Another way to find the Gringott\’s Bonuses is to use a guide or walkthrough that provides detailed instructions on where to find each bonus. These guides can be found online or in print and can be a helpful resource for completing the game 100%.

3. What rewards do I get for collecting all of the Gringott\’s Bonuses in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4?

Collecting all of the Gringott\’s Bonuses in LEGO Harry Potter Years 1-4 unlocks a secret level called \”Gringott\’s Vault\”. This level is a challenging bonus level that can be completed for additional rewards. In addition to unlocking the secret level, collecting all of the Gringott\’s Bonuses also adds to your overall completion percentage for the game. This can be a satisfying achievement for completionists who want to fully explore and experience everything that the game has to offer.

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