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This section provides information about the Data Logs, Collectibles, Rune Trials, Elite Guards, Argent Cells, Secrets and Classic Map available in Lazarus Labs level.

Here\’s a detailed description of all the secrets you can find in Lazarus Labs level, including Data Logs, Elite Guards, Collectibles and the Demon Destruction game.

  • Data Log #1
  • Secret #1
  • Elite Guard #1 and Data Log #2
  • Data Log #3 and Automap
  • Rune Trial #1
  • Elite Guard #2
  • Mega Health and Collectible #1
  • Collectible #2
  • Data Log #4 and Argent Cell
  • Demon Destruction game
  • Classic Map and Elite Guard #3
  • Elite Guard #4 and Rune Trial #2
  • Data Log #5

Data Log #1

At the beginning of the level, head to the nearby room, watch the hologram, and pick up the Data Log in the left corner.

Secret #1

After defeating the first Possessed Soldiers, head to the neighboring location. Open the ammunition chest and explore the nearby large chests to find a tunnel leading to the next location.

Inside the tunnel, you\’ll find Mega Health (secret).

Elite Guard #1 and Data Log #2

After killing the demons next to the first Gore Nest, go through the unlocked door. Kill the Imp and climb up. Before opening the door, turn around and jump into the tunnel to reach a room with an Elite Guard and a Data Log.

Data Log #3 and Automap

Upgrade your weapon using the drone and climb up through the shaft in the ceiling.

After defeating a few weak enemies, pick up the Data Log on the right and open the ventilation shaft in the wall on the left.

Jump down to reach the room with the Automap.

Rune Trial #1

After finding the Combat Drone, go through the door and head upstairs. Open the hatch and keep going ahead on the other side. Climb one floor above through the hole at the end of the tunnel to reach the first Rune Trial in this level. To obtain the Rich Get Richer rune, kill all the enemies before the time runs out. Keep your distance and use rockets to deal massive damage to your enemies. Prioritize eliminating the shooting opponents and then kill the charging demon by climbing the stairs and jumping down. Once you complete the challenge, you\’ll receive a rune that allows you to keep your ammunition when you have 100 armor points.

Elite Guard #2

You will encounter a larger demon battle slightly further from the first Rune Trial.

After defeating the demons, head to the other end of the location and open the sluice to reveal a hidden Elite Guard.

Mega Health and Collectible #1

You will come across a gallery with artifacts at some point.

Behind the second artifact on the left, you will find a tunnel leading to the collectible (Eliteguy) and Mega Health.

Collectible #2

Take the elevator to the Lazarus Archive and climb up one floor from the right side. Behind the red panel, you will find a red light on the wall that unlocks the second collectible (Toxicguy).

Data Log #4 and Argent Cell

Continue through the Lazarus Archive using the elevator and reach the room with the Data Log and computer that unlocks the passage to the hidden room.

Inside the hidden room, you will find armor, Argent Cell, ammunition chest, and BFG ammunition.

Demon Destruction game

After releasing the security locks from Helix Stone, check one of the computers at the wall to play a game that will help you complete the challenge.

Classic Map and Elite Guard #3

Defeat the demons after using the Helix Stone, watch the hologram, and enter the corridor on the right. The corridor leads to a room with a hole in the ground.

On the right side of the hole, you will find a lever. Pull it and jump down one floor below. Inside the hole, you will find an Elite Guard and the entrance to the Classic Map.

Elite Guard #4 and Rune Trial #2

After finding the third Elite Guard, use the elevator to go up. Demons will attack once you open the door. Kill them and turn right to find a room with a medical station and computer.

After a short scene, enter the nearby room to face more demons. Once they are defeated, enter the room on the right above to find a tunnel leading to the last Elite Guard and Rune Trial.

The Rune Trial requires you to kill all enemies with the Gauss Cannon before the time runs out. Use the pillars and covers to your advantage and eliminate stronger enemies with alternative shots. For completing the trial, you will receive the Saving Throw rune which resurrects you after a deadly blow.

Record of Information #5

After finishing the final battle before confronting the boss, board the circular elevator and ascend to the next floor. The last Record of Information and numerous advantageous items can be found there.


What is Lazarus Labs?

Lazarus Labs is a fictional pharmaceutical company that appears in the popular video game franchise, Doom. In the game, the company is known for conducting experimental research on demons and conducting unethical experiments on human subjects.

What secrets does Lazarus Labs hold?

Lazarus Labs holds many secrets that are revealed throughout the game. Some of these secrets include: the creation of a portal to Hell, the discovery of a powerful energy source called Argent, and the creation of cybernetic implants that allow humans to become super soldiers. Additionally, the company has been involved in human experimentation, including turning humans into demonic creatures known as Possessed and using them as weapons.

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