Kadingir Sanctum | Secrets

The Doom Guide chapter provides a detailed description of the Data Logs, Collectibles, Rune Trials, Elite Guards, Argent Cells, Secrets and Classic Map available in the Kadingir Sanctum level.

Discover all the secrets available on the Kadingir Sanctum level, including the Automap, Data Logs, Rune Trials, Collectibles and Argent Cell.

  • Secret #1
  • Data Log #1
  • Elite Guard #1
  • Collectible #1
  • Rune Trial #1
  • Argent Cell
  • Elite Guard #2
  • Secret #2
  • Rune Trial #2
  • Collectible #2
  • Data Log #2 and #3 and Elite Guard #3
  • Data Log #4 and Combat Support Drone
  • Classic Map
  • Data Log #5 and #6 and Elite Guard #4
  • Data Log #7

Secret #1

At the beginning of the level, turn left when you see the green pond below. Jump on the path below and observe the left wall. Jump up the rock ledges to reach the armor.

Data Log #1

Find the crystal that glows in green behind the yellow door, which requires a yellow skull to be opened.

Elite Guard #1

Discover the guard behind the door opened with a yellow skull.

Collectible #1

On the way to the first green teleport, turn right and at the end of the path, discover the first collectible.

Rune Trial #1

After using the first teleport, stand on the rock with attached chains and kill all enemies. Notice a piece of rock floating in the air on the opposite side to the yellow door. Jump on it and climb to the top to reach the first challenge. Reach the altar on the opposite side of the location by killing Imps and constantly jumping from one creature to another. Receive the Savage rune for completing the trial, which allows performing Glory Kills faster.

Argent Cell

Turn right after walking through the door that requires the blue skull and find the valuable cell in the long niche.

Elite Guard #2

Before walking through the large black gate, go back to the tunnel exit where you were attacked by a Cacodemon and discover the Elite Guard in the area.

Secret #2

Once you find the fourth Elite Guard, turn around and look down to spot a cave entrance. Inside, you can find a machine gun which will give you a secret.

Rune Trial #2

After examining the automap, head to the opposite end of the map and take the path that leads up. Before you continue, check out the tunnel on the left to find a Rune Trial called \”Seek and destroy\”. Your task is to perform three \”Death from above\” Glory Kills on the Hell Knights using a heavy assault gun. Make use of the exploding bullets upgrade to quickly weaken the enemies and stun them under the stairs to perform an aerial Glory Kill. Don\’t forget to collect ammunition and kill weaker enemies to heal during the battle.

Collectible #2

After completing the second Rune Trial, climb up the stairs and halfway through, turn around and look left to find a hidden collectible on a rock ledge (RedGuy).

Data Log #2 and #3 and Elite Guard #3

After collecting the second collectible, head to the top of the stairs and then to the right. Look for a yellow gravity jump below and land next to it. You will find an Elite Guard on the right and two Data Logs (one in the form of a runic stone) on the left.

Data Log #4 and Combat Support Drone

Return to the jump and use it to go back up. Go left from the stairs and you will come across one Data Log and a Combat Support Drone on the way.

Classic Map

After defeating the first Baron of Hell, a gate near the Quad Damage power-up will unlock. Before you go through it, head to the cave in front of it to find a hidden lever that opens the Classic Map. The entrance to the map can be found by jumping to the right from the bridge that leads to the large gate.

Data Log #5 and #6 and Elite Guard #4

Continue ahead after defeating the first Baron of Hell and walking through the large gate. Jump from the last island floating in the air to collect a Data Log, and then climb up to find another Data Log in the form of a runic stone. Further ahead, you will find an Elite Guard.

Seventh Data Log

Prior to the ultimate confrontation on this level, make sure to retrieve the armor and ammunition located in the tunnel. The preceding Data Log can be located before the commencement of the battle.


1. What is Kadingir Sanctum?

Kadingir Sanctum is a location in the video game Doom (2016). It is a massive demonic temple located on Mars that serves as a key location in the game\’s story. The temple was built by the ancient Maykr race as a way to harness the power of the demonic realm and use it to fuel their own technology. The temple is filled with traps and puzzles, and is guarded by powerful demons that the player must defeat in order to progress through the game.

2. What secrets can be found in Kadingir Sanctum?

Kadingir Sanctum is home to a number of secrets that players can discover as they explore the temple. These secrets include hidden rooms, collectibles, and upgrades that can be used to improve the player\’s abilities. Some of the most notable secrets in the temple include the hidden BFG-9000 weapon, which is one of the most powerful weapons in the game, and the Kadingir Sanctum Rune Trial, which challenges players to complete a difficult platforming section in exchange for a powerful rune upgrade.

3. How do I navigate through Kadingir Sanctum?

Navigating through Kadingir Sanctum can be a challenge, as the temple is full of traps and puzzles that can be difficult to solve. However, there are a few tips that can help players navigate through the temple more easily. First, it is important to pay attention to the environment and look for clues that can help solve puzzles or reveal hidden secrets. Second, players should be prepared to fight powerful demons, and should make sure to use cover and strategic positioning to avoid taking damage. Finally, players should explore the temple thoroughly, as many of the most valuable secrets are hidden in out-of-the-way locations that require careful exploration to discover.

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