Investigations at Pembroke Hospital

Vampyr Guide and Walkthrough

In this section, we will discuss the investigations that involve the residents of Pembroke Hospital. These investigations are side quests in Vampyr that usually end in obtaining clues or an extra reward.

  • Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil
  • Missing Ingredients
  • Wrong Target
  • Working Tool
  • The Harder They Fall
  • Claustrophobia
  • Burn After Reading

Midnight in the Garden of Good and Evil

How to unlock: Speak to Milton Hooks about his lost wallet.

Jonathan\’s recommended level: Approximately level 5.

Description: Proceed to the garden adjacent to the hospital. There, you must fight against Skals (levels 6-7). You will find the wallet next to the benches – you have to return it to Milton.

Missing Ingredients

How to unlock: Talk to Dr. Thoreau Strickland about the lack of resources.

Jonathan\’s recommended level: Approximately level 15.

Description: Go to the location shown on the map. You will fight a boss fight against H.G. Griffin (level 16). The enemy has typical Skal attacks – teleportation, creating a phantom clone, and a charge attack. After the fight, approach the corpse and take Dr. Strickland\’s letter. Return to Thoreau and inform him about the death of the supplier. You should now agree to prepare the medicine. Collect the specified ingredients and prepare the medicine at your office. Return to Thoreau and determine your next action – you can give the medicine to Thoreau or report on his actions to Dr. Ackroyd.

Wrong Target

How to unlock: Speak to Thelma Howcroft about her pursuers.

Jonathan\’s recommended level: Approximately level 6.

Description: Speak to Thelma and learn that she is being watched by vampire hunters. Go to the designated location (a large building on the river, right next to the river itself – you will pass it when heading towards Whitechapel) and defeat several Guards of Priwen (levels 6-7). After the fight, pick up a letter and read it. Then go to the next hideout, defeat the guards again, and read another note. Return to Thelma with the information you have gathered.

Working Tool

How to unlock: Obtain Clay\’s weapon or read a letter near the man.

Jonathan\’s recommended level: Approximately level 7-10.

Description: Go to the river and locate Clay\’s weapon in a chest. The weapon is guarded by a level 11 Skal, so be cautious. Return the knife to Clay to finish the quest.

The Harder They Fall

How to unlock: Discover the death certificate in the basement of the Old Mortuary.

Jonathan\’s recommended level: Approximately level 5.

Description: Go to the basement of the Old Mortuary and pick up the patient\’s death certificate. Then, inspect the corpses and determine the cause of death. Return to Dr. Corcoran Tippets or Gwyneth Branagan with your conclusions. You can remain silent about the doctor\’s mistake in exchange for his resignation after the epidemic has been controlled, or you can trust the nurse (Gwyneth) and remain silent about Dr. Tippets\’ error altogether.


To unlock this quest, you need to find a man imprisoned in the sewers. Jonathan should be at level 7 or above to complete it. You\’ll meet the imprisoned man during \”A Rat in the Hospital\” quest. He will be locked in a cell near the \”Sewer Beast\” boss. Defeat two Skals and free the man to the surface. You can find him during the next night, and he will join the residents of Pembroke Hospital.

Burn after reading

To unlock this quest, listen to the conversation between Mortimer and Beatrice Goswick. Afterward, talk about suicide with Mortimer. Jonathan should be at level 12 or above to complete the quest. The boy will give you the key to an apartment. You\’ll have to fight a few bandits (level 12-13) on the streets before reaching the apartment. Inside, you\’ll find a crumpled letter, which you should read. You can decide who to give the letter to.


What kinds of investigations have been conducted in Pembroke Hospital?

Several investigations have been conducted in Pembroke Hospital, a psychiatric facility located in Massachusetts. These investigations have been carried out by various agencies and organizations, including the Department of Public Health, Joint Commission, and Centers for Medicare and Medicaid Services. The investigations have focused on different aspects of the hospital\’s operations, including patient safety, quality of care, and compliance with federal and state regulations.

What were the findings of these investigations?

The findings of the investigations varied depending on the agency and the focus of the investigation. However, some of the common findings included deficiencies in the hospital\’s policies and procedures, inadequate staff training, and failures to ensure patient safety. Some investigations also found that the hospital did not comply with federal and state regulations, particularly in areas related to patient rights and the use of physical restraints. The hospital was required to take corrective action to address these issues and improve its operations.

How has Pembroke Hospital responded to these investigations?

Pembroke Hospital has taken several steps to address the deficiencies and shortcomings identified in the investigations. The hospital has revised its policies and procedures, increased staff training, and implemented new systems to ensure patient safety and compliance with regulations. The hospital has also worked closely with the agencies and organizations conducting the investigations to address their concerns and implement their recommendations. In addition, the hospital has communicated with patients and their families to inform them of the steps being taken to improve the quality of care provided.

What is the current status of Pembroke Hospital?

The current status of Pembroke Hospital is not clear. While the hospital has taken steps to address the deficiencies identified in the investigations, it is unclear whether these efforts have been sufficient to ensure the provision of high-quality care and compliance with regulations. The hospital may be subject to additional investigations or oversight in the future to ensure that it is meeting the standards of care expected of a psychiatric facility.

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