This GTA 5 guide provides a walkthrough for the game.

This guide covers the important questions about starting the game, including character creation and statistical information about development. It also includes tips on how to get started and survive the first few minutes of the game.

There are detailed descriptions of all available game modes, including how to join games in progress and create your own match. You can also learn how to join existing crews or start your own group.

The guide provides a comprehensive description of in-game weapons, including the rank level required to unlock them.

The financial chapter of the guide explains how to quickly earn and protect in-game money from other players.

The guide concludes with a table of rewards granted for particular achievements.

The GTA Online guide includes:

  • Character creation
  • First steps in game
  • How to deal with the police
  • Creating your personal vehicle
  • Character skills development
  • Creating and joining jobs
  • How to use content editor
  • How to earn money
  • Creating and joining crews
  • Weapons description
  • Game modes
  • Achievements and rewards

Damian Kubik & Patrick \”YxU\” Homa (


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