Important Decisions in Chapter 5 of AC Odyssey

This guide and walkthrough for Assassin\’s Creed Odyssey focuses on the major choices players will face in Chapter 5, including moral dilemmas in Keos, Korinth, and Argolida.

One of the first significant choices is deciding which quests to complete first and which region to visit. The following quests contain crucial decisions:

  • Island of Misfortune – Keos
  • To Help a Girl – Corinth
  • Follow the Boat – Corinth
  • Port of Lawlessness – Corinth
  • Monger Down – Corinth
  • The Doctor Will See You Now – Argolida
  • Priests of Asklepios – Argolida
  • Written in Stone
  • Ashes to Ashes

Island of Misfortune – Keos

When players reach the pirate leader, they must pay a certain amount in drachmae. The default payment is 15,000, but it increases to 17,000 if players have previously attacked the pirates or lied during the conversation.

To Help a Girl – Corinth

Before talking to the customer, players will encounter Phoibe, who overheard a conversation that players can use to their advantage in the upcoming dialogue. Correct answers are to say that the customer is going to the pig farm, select the first option in the second dialogue (getting a deed to some land), and then choose the option with Deinomenes. Choosing incorrectly will lead to a fight with guards.

Follow the Boat – Corinth

If players agree to take the woman on the boat to Mykonaos instead of Korinth, it will unlock a side quest where the woman joins the crew and waits until they reach her destination.

Port of Lawlessness – Corinth

If players follow Brasidas\’ plan, they will experience different events, locations, and quest conclusions. This decision will also impact players\’ relationship with Brasidas in Chapter 8.

Monger Down – Corinth

If players choose to kill the Monger in the theatre, they will lose the ability to convince Lagos in Chapter 7 to leave the Cult of Kosmos. This decision will also negatively impact players\’ relationship with Brasidas and affect their relationship with him in Chapter 8.

The Doctor Will See You Now – Argolida

If players wait for Dimas, Hippocrates\’ patient will die. If they force him to come, then it will be Dimas\’ patient who dies. The best option is to bribe the man, saving both patients.

Priests of Asklepios – Argolida

If players complete the \”Priests of Asklepios\” quest before attempting \”The Doctor Will See You Now,\” they will unlock a new side quest that involves gathering information on Chrysis and others.

Etched in Stone

To avoid being ambushed during the meeting with the priest at the olive tree in the presence of Pleistos, you need to deceive him by saying you were looking for a bath.

From Dust to Dust

If you want to save time, you can kill Chrysis and let the baby die. However, if you choose to save the child, Chrysis will flee, and you will be able to unlock a side quest to pursue her later.


What are some important choices in Chapter 5 of AC Odyssey?

Chapter 5 of AC Odyssey is a pivotal point in the game where some crucial choices must be made. One of the most important decisions is whether to side with the Athenians or the Spartans. This will have a significant impact on the rest of the game and how the story unfolds. Another important choice is whether to save or kill Nikolaos, the protagonist\’s father. This choice will not only affect the main story but also affect the relationship between the protagonist and other characters in the game. Finally, there is a choice to be made regarding the Cult of Kosmos – whether to reveal their identities or not. This decision will have an impact on the game\’s ending.

What are the consequences of these choices?

The choice to side with either the Athenians or Spartans will have a significant impact on the rest of the game. Players will have to choose alliances, complete quests, and fight battles based on their choice. The decision to save or kill Nikolaos will affect the protagonist\’s relationship with their family and other characters in the game. Killing Nikolaos will also lead to a different ending than saving him. Finally, choosing to reveal the identities of the Cult of Kosmos will make them your enemies and lead to a different ending than keeping their identities hidden. Overall, the choices made in Chapter 5 will affect the rest of the game\’s story and its ending.

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