How to Unlock New Recipes in Tower of Fantasy?

If you want to be a great cook in Tower of Fantasy, you need to unlock new recipes. However, not all recipes are available from the start of your adventure. This guide will show you how to unlock new recipes.

Food is important in ToF, so it\’s best to learn as many recipes as possible. But some recipes are hidden and need to be unlocked. This guide will help you discover these hidden recipes.

To unlock new recipes, you need to select the Creation option in the lower left corner of the cooking menu. Then add the ingredients you want and click the blue Cooking button. However, there is a chance that your cooking experiment may fail, so be careful. You\’ll see your chance of success in the top right corner of the screen.

If you successfully create a new dish, the recipe will be added to your Cooking tab and will have a 100% chance of success. You can learn more about cooking on the Cooking page.


What are the new recipes in Tower of Fantasy?

In Tower of Fantasy, new recipes are items that can be crafted by players using various ingredients. These recipes allow players to create powerful equipment, consumables, and other useful items that can help them progress through the game.

How can I unlock new recipes in Tower of Fantasy?

To unlock new recipes in Tower of Fantasy, players must first collect the necessary ingredients. These ingredients can be obtained by defeating monsters, completing quests, or purchasing them from other players. Once players have the required ingredients, they can use them to craft the new recipe. Crafting a new recipe will unlock it permanently, allowing players to create the item as many times as they want.

Are there any special requirements for crafting new recipes in Tower of Fantasy?

Yes, there are certain requirements that players must meet in order to craft new recipes in Tower of Fantasy. For example, some recipes may require a certain level of crafting skill or a specific crafting station. Additionally, some recipes may only be available during certain events or for a limited time. Players should check the recipe details carefully before attempting to craft a new item.

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